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100 thoughts on “Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch

  1. 24:25 watch in slow MP his head never actually touches the blocks but they did their job to make you think he did with you being that close.

  2. I never understood American wrestling… the fake kind….. Why Watch fake when you can see the  real deal in UFC???????

  3. Embarrassing as fuck for this country. Totally get why other countries say the shit they do about us, and groups within our own. NOT a good example of what we're about at all

  4. Now we got John Moxley back on a world stage beyond the yard of backyard eyes it's going to be a good few years of wrestling coming

  5. As dangerous as this is, the Vice presenter is probably more dangerous, just look at him. Check his browser history!

  6. this is some wrestling I would watch I always disliked it cause of how fake it was but these guys push the bill and I love it.

  7. They are not pro wrestlers this isn't pro wrestling. This is a bunch of morons who are professional wrestling rejects trying to kill each other for no money

  8. 27:00 when they Pulled what ever the hell that was from his head and he didn't cry I felt like a pussy coz I be crying as soon as I hit my little toe😭

  9. It's a good thing they got a person who knows a decent amount of stuff about wrestling instead of people who have no clue about it

  10. I love Vice usually, especially VICELAND but the way that this was done shit 75% ruined CZW.. at least we have GCW now

  11. Fuck you mine as well just kill the guy if your gonna do this shit lmao this ain’t wrestling this is just murder

  12. DJ sounds like a liar who makes up stories to try to sound cool. If he really threw the dude out of a three story window, he would be dead.

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