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Inside Google Marketing: Launching Pixel 3

JABARI HEARN: Every day I try to inspire my team to dream, you know? To dream on behalf of our consumer. What place can we take them next? Where can we go that’s new? My name is Jabari Hearn. I am the Global Integrated Marketing Director for mobile hardware. That means I have to take a group of people, many who don’t report to me, and inspire them to work together towards a specific goal. I partner closely with product marketing as they define what the product does. And then my team’s job is to tell great stories
about that product, right? And really connect it to consumers. Drive demand,
drive desire for those products. We’re always trying to test and learn within
hardware. And so now that we have two years of learnings, what we did to kick things off for Pixel 3 was we had an insights offsite. We brought all the marketers from all the
countries and we laid out all of our learnings. We learned an insight that it takes about
3 weeks for you to get used to a new routine, a new idea. So we’re actually going to give the new Pixel
3 to current iPhone users and ask them to switch for three weeks. And we’re going to follow them around and
see what it’s like. Authentically. We’ve always been a brand that gives people
the tools to do the things that they always wished they could. Well I think our biggest asset in hardware
is the brand of Google and a lot of the software that comes along with it, like Google Photos,
Google Lens, Google Assistant and the things that power the device and actually
are the assistive features that consumers really use every day. Believe it or not, I doubt myself in the middle
of every campaign. You’re taking a leap, for the most
part, based on what you know. But you don’t know everything. And ultimately the consumer decides. I think motivating the team is one of the
most important things you can do. We have to show people the vision of where
we’re going, right? And we’ve got to get them inspired by that
vision and then we have to show them how they’re going to play a role in getting us there. And I actually believe that dreaming has become
lost a little bit in our industry, but that’s an important piece if you want to take consumers
some place new.

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