Inspirational B2B Marketing Examples to Follow
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Inspirational B2B Marketing Examples to Follow

How can marketing really make a
difference for manufacturing company’s, leadership consultants, and service
providers? Well if you’re anything like us you need a bit of help knowing where to start. So let’s look at some B2B marketing examples that we hope can help inspire you like they did us. General Electric is a B2B giant that does a
great job creating interesting content that’s easy to understand. So let’s take a look at what they do so well with their marketing. Number one – an easy to
navigate website. You never feel overwhelmed by their website even though they have a ton of helpful information and it’s easy to find what you need. Take note of their clear navigation. It’s easy to follow and that makes it painless for
customers to find what they need. If they can’t find it they’ll stop trying. GE has a pulse on their industry and they make relevant educational content about the topics their customers have questions about. For example they use video content
to make complex topics engaging on social media. Number three – a spotlight on
the difference they make. GE shares the impact their company is making without
being too flashy or self promoting. This can be a great way to show the
value of your business in a way that makes it memorable for your customer and other audiences. Now let’s take a look at Kinaxis, a software company that clearly
understands their customers needs and what drives demand for their products and solutions. Number four – useful resources for their customers. Kinaxis has created a large number of resources based on customer questions. You can do the same thing by identifying what questions your customers ask on a regular basis that you could create a guide or a webinar to answer. Remember it’s about your customers and providing value for them. Number five – intense content promotion. Kinaxis promotes their content, and promotes it again, and again. Use social media platforms to share the great work that your team has done so it’s seen by a larger audience. Now let’s talk about developing
consistent content like the talent development company People Result. Number six – a clean and consistent blog They post consistent, easy to read content on their blog four to six times each month. Keeping them relevant and increasing
their visibility. To do this yourself you’ll want to decide on a realistic
publishing schedule and stick to whatever you decide. A content calendar can drastically help you plan out topics on a monthly schedule. Number seven –
content about industry events. No company is in a silo. Take advantage of the opportunities to celebrate big moments in your industry or share highlights that your audience cares about. Number eight – video content
that grabs the attention of your target audience. We all love Slack but we especially love their video content because it does a great job of relating to their target audience. They do this by showing common disconnects or issues in a playful way. You can add value through video by identifying common issues or questions that customers in your industry might face daily. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it and mock yourself a little. Is this your card? Yes. No. Number nine – social community building. IBM does a great job explaining complex
concepts through social media channels in a very human way. You might have a complex product or service but make sure you keep your message down-to-earth and relatable. Simplify what you do and get your community involved by providing value in a way that is human. That will encourage your community to engage with your content. Number 10 – clear value proposition. MailChimp doesn’t monkey around when it comes to marketing. You need to provide clarity by making it
easily recognizable what it is you do and how you can bring value
to potential customers. First impressions happen fast so make
sure your message is clear and concise. Number eleven – consistent messaging
across all marketing channels and assets. You’re never left questioning MailChimp’s brand voice, look, or feel because they understand the power of a consistent
message across all channels. Keep your tone and personality across all channels
and then adjust the message for the channel you’re using. When planning your campaign or brand message come up with ways to engage all your channels by
being consistent with your assets. So focus on the features and problems you solve and like these companies you’ll see the results. For even more marketing
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