Instagram Content Strategy [2018]
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Instagram Content Strategy [2018]

Hey there, thanks for tuning in. I’m Ashley Perkins, your marketing mentor. So, you’re on Instagram and you realize that
posting consistently is a huge key to success, but every day you sit down to post something,
it’s like total crickets. You’re unsure of a content strategy that’s
going to connect you to the right people, bring more people like them in, and convert
them to clients and customers for life without feeling like a sleazy car salesman. That’s why I’m making this video for you! I’m going to be sharing my five tips for creating
an Instagram strategy that connects and converts. First and foremost, the base of your Instagram
content strategy should follow the 40/40/20 rule. That’s 40% brand awareness, 40% giving value,
and 20% for promotion. Some examples of the type of content that’s
going to raise brand awareness would be sharing blogs and videos, tips and tricks, industry
updates, and a little behind the scenes of your business. Giving value would be showing up consistently
for your audience in a non-promotional way to share insights on your industry, answering
questions they ask frequently; and other things like exclusive content upgrades, freebies
and access that audience’s on other platforms may not receive. Finally, promotion is pretty self-explanatory. It makes your audience aware of the products
and services that you offer, and perhaps any exclusive deals, discounts and promotions
that you offer on those products and services. So, now that we have the first tip out of
the way and we’ve laid the foundation of your content plan, the second tip is to be the
star of your feed. Whether you sell products or services, your
audience should know and recognize your face, as well the voice you use on Instagram. Make yourself the star of your feed by consistently
showing photos of you working in your business, on your products, and working with your clients
through your service-based business; as well as just giving your audience a peek into your
life. You are the star of your brand, and your audience
should know you as well as they know your products and services. So, when you are brainstorming posts for the
40% of your strategy that’s going to be catered to brand awareness, that’s the perfect time
to make room for your face in your feed. Moving on to my third tip, you want to make
sure that you’ve chosen a relevant theme for your Instagram account. Instagram is a highly visual platform, so
for as much time that you spend on your content strategy, you want to spend just as much time
on a visual strategy. Make sure that your visual theme is on-brand,
and is also relevant to your target audience. My fourth tip will help you save time creating
a visually appealing theme, and that’s to curate content. One of the biggest barriers to entry with
Instagram is creating visually appealing content, whether you’re catering it to brand awareness,
giving value, or promoting your business. Not everyone has a fancy camera, and a professional
photo studio, so curating photos from others that align with your theme and your brand
will allow you to fill the gaps between your own original content. Just make sure you’re doing your due diligence
and properly crediting the creator of that content in the photo or video itself, as well
as in the caption. Finally, a note on the 20% of your Instagram
strategy that is catered to promotion — don’t just come out of the gate and shove a product
or service in your audience’s face. Instead, use that opportunity to tell a story
that sells the problem you solved with that product or service. People love and connect with stories, they
don’t connect with sales pitches. Take the time to craft promotional content
that also tells a story by sharing client testimonials, before and after results, or
anything that’s relevant to your business. There you have it! You now have a full strategy to create an
Instagram grid that connect and converts. If you’re looking for a place to document
all of this, just click the link below and download my Social Media Strategy Template
for free right now. As always, if you liked this video, hit the
like button below and leave me a comment sharing your biggest takeaway. Also, it’s always a good idea to hit that
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you in the next video.

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  1. Great video Ashley! very useful pointers for instagram strategy. How does one do curating, is it through Repost BOT? In my case I once curated a photograph of food, and although I had credited the owner (another instagram profile), Instagram deleted the picture from my profile. Maybe I had made a mistake.

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