Instagram is REMOVING LIKES! 😱What does it mean for your business?
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Instagram is REMOVING LIKES! 😱What does it mean for your business?

Instagram is removing likes from its platform. Really, Instagram, are you sure that’s such
a good business move? What does it mean for you if you are a small
business or influencer who’s solely relying on Instagram? Part of the narrative as to why Instagram
is putting that change in place is because they want to help with mental health. Apparently, a lot of individuals are getting
caught up with the vanity metric of likes, and so they want to completely remove it to
help. Since when do corporate brands care about
our mental health? Cardi B, interestingly enough, announced in
one of her live videos that it’s complete bullshit, and it’s just a way for Instagram
to grease up their pocket. Actually, I agree with her. Yeah. It’s just going to be increasingly difficult
for smaller brands and businesses or smaller influencers to get organic reach. 2019’s actually been extremely competitive. Everything that used to work perhaps two years
ago is no longer working, so everything’s been thrown over on its head. My purpose in this video is to provide you
with three strategies you can put in place that will help you thrive in 2019 and beyond. Who am I exactly? Well my name is Luna Vega. I’m a digital marketing expert. I’ve been a digital marketing expert for 10-plus
years, and my channel is all about providing you non-BS strategy, because there’s a lot
of BS out there, on how you can grow your business online. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe,
and let’s get started. Now that Instagram is removing likes, what
does it mean for your business if you’ve been extremely active on Instagram? First and foremost, I think that the metrics
people are going to go by are going to change drastically. We’re probably going to see people looking
more at the amount of followers that your brand has, the amount of engagement and comments
that you’re getting on photos, and the blue check mark probably is going to be more important
in setting brands as authorities in the future. Most importantly, though, before I talk about
these tactics, there’s something very important you need to keep in mind and a lot of small
businesses forget. Really, the end goal when someone is going
on your Instagram page is for them to either go to your nail shop, to your barbershop to
come and actually experience working with you or go on your sales page, or if you’re
an e-commerce store, actually purchase from you. A lot of the time, that’s forgone, and the
actual offers that are on the bio are just non-enticive. There is no reason for me to go back to your
profile after I’ve interacted with you just because the offer that you’re providing in
your bio is usually stale. That’s a complete different video, and I’ll
make sure to cover that. First and foremost, let’s keep in mind that,
really, now, IGTV and Instagram story are going to continue being increasingly important
in helping you grow your audience, simply because IGTV, Instagram is pushing, really
hard, a lot of that different content, so if you’re using the right hashtags, it’ll
be much easier for your content to get discovered. With Instagram story, it’s all about having
a, well, first of all, behind the scenes content. If you’re a nail shop or whatever it is, perhaps
having contests, giving individuals like 20% off if they share the content where their
friends, et cetera. There’s a lot of different creative ways you
can use Instagram story in order to get people to engage and share your content with their
friends. Personally, I think IGTV is going to be great,
because you can leverage a lot of the trending content that’s out there, so content that’s
gone viral, you can repurpose it to help get some traction and get your account discovered. The second thing that you might want to do
is run a paid ad, whether it’s Instagram story ads or feed ads. A lot of brands and smaller influencer often
shy away from running any kind of ads, and instead of spending all this time trying to
figure out how to make viral content, which is actually quite a complicated formula which
takes years of mastering, I often recommend most of these brands to actually go ahead
and make the leap and spend the money in advertising, because time equals money. Most importantly, when you’re running paid
ads, you’re able to test different offers to get a sense as to what is actually appealing
to people, and what you’re doing is you’re getting business data. You’re understanding … First of all, you’re
training your Facebook pixel, and you’re getting a better understanding of what appeals to
your audience. Now, first and foremost, boosting a post for
$5, do not ever, don’t ever do that. It’s a complete waste of money. It’s not going to get you any return on your
investment. The first thing you need to do is having retargeting
in place. If you aren’t already, make sure that you
set yourself up as a Facebook business page in order for you to be able to run ads and
set up a retargeting campaign. What does it mean? Simply that anyone who goes on your Instagram
page, you’ll be able to retarget them with either a story ad with a special offer, driving
them to your sales page or a free tutorial, an opt-in offer, et cetera, or you can also
drive them to your Instagram if you want. I personally love sales pages, but it’s up
to you. The second thing you want to do is have a
conversion campaign set up. What a conversion campaign set up means is
that when you’re setting up your ad, you want to make sure that these people are going to
convert meaning either by purchasing something or by providing you an email address. I often opt in for number two, because you
want build a relationship with these individuals. You want to have them inside of an email sequence
in order for them to remember who you are and work with you in the future, or come to
your spa, whatever it is. Unfortunately, 2019, 2020, moving forward,
paid advertising is going to be more important than ever, and I really agree with Cardi B.
Organic traffic is going to be increasingly difficult, which brings me to point number
three, TikTok. Yeah. let’s shout TikTok. TikTok is a platform which I think was kind
of under the radar because mostly teenagers were on the platform. They were using it to do duets and dancing
challenges. However, this year, more and more brands and
influencers have been starting to play around, myself included, with TikTok. You can have organic reach pretty fast, because
it’s still a new platform. There’s not as many restriction. Obviously, at one point, they’re going to
start opening up their advertising platform. They’ve only rolled that out in India right
now, but obviously, as a business, it’s important for you to start looking into new territories,
especially if Instagram is becoming increasingly expensive. Obviously, TikTok is still completely new,
and anything that’s more comical does really well on TikTok. If you guys want, I can do an entire video
about TikTok. All right, guys. Well, that’s it for today. I hope that you found this information useful. If you haven’t already, please make sure to
give me a like, and comment if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. Make sure to subscribe. Until next time, guys. I promise, I’m back on YouTube. It’s been a while, and I’ve really missed
it. Bye, guys.

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