instagram marketing for beginners, instagram marketing definition and principles
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instagram marketing for beginners, instagram marketing definition and principles

let’s take a look at some of the primary
benefits of using Instagram for marketing first of all you can increase
the awareness of your products and services simply by posting photos and
videos of them show users how your products and services are beneficial and
how they can use them you can also use Instagram to help improve your brand
recognition if your organization does some volunteer work for a local charity
post photos and videos of that so that users can see what your organization
does outside of simply selling products and services and how you give back to
the community just like on all of the other social networks there are viral
marketing opportunities on Instagram they might not be easy to come across at
first but once you find that sweet spot that piece of content that really
resonates with your users maybe it makes them laugh or it surprises them they’re
going to be more likely to reshare that content to like it on Instagram and to
tell their friends to go and check it out as well so now that we’ve talked
about some of the marketing opportunities on Instagram let’s talk
about how we can leverage those opportunities it’s super important to
make sure that you’re featuring photos of your products and services on
Instagram this is probably the core part of your business so let users know what
your business does best post photos of the products and services that your
business has to offer and explain how users can benefit from those products
and services it’s also a great place to post contests and giveaways my favorite
way to do this is to pick a product or service reach out to your users on all
of your social media accounts and tell them to post Instagram pictures of the
most creative way that they can think of using your product and tell them to do
it using a particular hashtag maybe you can give the winner a gift card to buy
some more of your products and services but what this does is it allows your
customers to do marketing for you they’re going to post photos and videos
of your products your services how they’re using them and then all of their
friends are going to see those photos so now you’re reaching an audience that’s
bigger than just the people that follow you on Instagram you’re reaching an
audience of the people that follow all of your customers you’re basically
getting free marketing and your customers are happy to do it because
they have an opportunity to win a gift card or a free product something like
that Instagram is a great place to host contests and giveaways you can also find
users that are already customers on Instagram you can search within the
Instagram app so can search for keywords related to your
industry or you could search for specific products that your organization
sells and then you can see what people are posting about your product what they
like about them and maybe what they don’t like you can also communicate with
your customers and potential customers on Instagram just like you can on
Facebook or Twitter remember social media is your chance to
give your organization of personality and let people know that it’s made of
real people who really care about their customers these are just some ideas on
how you can leverage opportunities on Instagram but I encourage you to think
outside of the box and be creative as well when you do something different
people notice and they’re going to be more likely to remember it so you can
use all of this information as a baseline but don’t forget to practice
your creative freedom as well when you use Instagram it will really
differentiate you from your competition Instagram features a number of built-in
tools for businesses that are available exclusively for Instagram business
profiles let’s take a look at some of these tools and discuss how they can
help your organization later on in the course we’ll look at how we can actually
implement these tools but I think it’s important for you to have an idea of
what’s possible first the first tool that I’d like to talk to you about is
the sticker pull tool this allows you to ask questions to your users in the
Instagram story mode and then get an answer from them so get some feedback
the next tool that I’d like to talk about is the sponsored posts tool this
is basically advertising on Instagram whenever we post a photo to our account
we have the option to promote that photo we chose one of our photos we decided
that we wanted to increase the number of profile visits that we receive we
determined that we want to spend $30 over six days so that’s five dollars a
day and you can spend as low as one dollar a day so it isn’t that expensive
to get started the next tool that I want to talk about is the contact buttons
tool and it almost doesn’t sound like a tool right it’s actually more of a
feature but it is only available for business profiles towards the middle we
have three buttons call email and directions when we set up our business
profile we have the option of determining which of these contact
options that we’d like to display you can display all three or you could only
display one or two of them so you can choose the phone number that you’d like
your users to call email address that you’d like the email to be sent to when
they click on the email button and then you can input your physical location so
that they can easily click on the directions button and find out how to
get to your store again this is only available for Instagram business
profiles and I recommend that every business have at least one of these
options available because you’re trying to convert people you’re trying to get
people to purchase your product or service right you need to give them a
way to contact you to either find out more information or to complete that
purchase obviously you still have your website in the top and the description
of your Instagram profile but these contact buttons are super super
important and later on we’re going to look at how we can implement them as
well I’d like to talk about one more feature here and that is the storefront
feature now this feature is a little bit more difficult to achieve you actually
have to use Facebook ad manager and you have to have your
Facebook business profile set up with a Facebook catalog which is where you can
list your products for sale on Facebook once you’ve done that you can apply to
be approved first storefront on Instagram now without going through the
approval process and every all the requirements that you need to set up a
storefront let’s just talk about what that actually is
what are will allow you to do is will allow you to post photos of your
products so let’s just say that you’re selling clothing okay so you post a
photo of a person wearing some of your clothing now what you can do is you can
tag the clothes in that photo so you can tag the t-shirt you can tag the pair of
jeans and you can tag the shoes that they have on and when a user taps on
that tag they will be brought to a page that has more information about the
product how much it costs and another link that they could tap to go directly
to your website and purchase that product so this is for very serious
organizations that are selling high-volume products again you do have
to do a lot of work in facebook ads manager and with your facebook business
page but if you are selling a lot of you know retail type products this is a
really great opportunity because you can get those beautiful Instagram pictures
with the filters in your feed your products are featured and then users can
basically purchase them right from Instagram so if that is something that’s
it sounds like it would be beneficial for your organization it’s definitely
something to look further into you can find a lot of information on Instagram
com in the business section about how you can apply and be approved for having
a storefront on Instagram so these are just four very specific tools that are
provided for only for business profiles on Instagram so you definitely want to
make sure that you’re taking advantage of these tools as you use Instagram for
marketing purposes let’s talk about some different
strategies that you can use to brainstorm content ideas for your
Instagram account I’m going to focus a little more heavily on services in this
video because I think that they can have a slightly more difficult time in
finding which type of content is right for Instagram if you have a product post
photos of your product people using your product in creative ways in which it’s
used but if you have a service it can be a little more abstract let’s talk about
some different ways to find inspiration first of all list all of the products
and services that you offer and then create a second list of all the benefits
that your products and services provide remember to think of the different ways
your products are used and try to be as creative as possible here think of the
ways that your products are used that not everybody’s going to think of it’s
also important to think about when people are most happy using your product
one example I can think about for this particular aspect of Instagram is if you
have a plumbing service now if you just think about taking photos of you doing
plumbing work they may not be the most glamorous photos to post on Instagram
but what’s the end goal of hiring a plumber well it’s probably to have
running water and water is one of the most vital resources on the planet
people really like water they need water so now we open ourselves up all of these
different ideas of the ways that people use water so if I’m a plumber I could
post some photos to Instagram of somebody pouring a nice pristine cold
glass of water on a hot summer day or the family outside in the yard running
through the sprinkler so we’re not just talking about the actual work that you
do but the end result of that work and even more importantly when are those
really special moments when somebody’s benefiting from the product that they’ve
purchased or the service that you’ve provided try to capture those moments
another type of service that I’d like to mention because I was trying to think of
the most difficult services to put on Instagram and one of those is waste
removal so maybe you’re a waste removal company how can you capture those
special moments taking out somebody’s garbage isn’t necessarily going to be
the most glamorous photo but if you have a man or a woman smiling you know taking
the trash can and you know maybe it could work but you know what happens
with that waste afterwards maybe there’s some recycling that’s being done so you
can post photos of artwork that people have made with reclaimed metal and wood
maybe you could even provide some ideas on how people could use their household
waste and then reuse it to be more efficient and more environmentally
friendly that just opens you up to the whole environmental aspect of things so
you could even just be posting pictures of national parks that are nice and
clean without any waste in them what I’m getting at is just because you have a
service that you might not be able to digitally capture right off the bat
remember to be unique creative and personal capture those special moments
and think about all of the different uses that your product or service has
and then what the final benefit that it provides to the customers are it’s those
moments and those situations that are perfect for Instagram so hopefully this
will give you some ideas of ways that you can list the products and services
that your company provides and then get the benefits of those services in the
special moments that they create uploaded to Instagram in this video I’m going to talk about
devil being a regular posting scheduled for
Instagram what this means is posting content on a regular basis maybe you
post content every Monday Wednesday Friday maybe you posted every Tuesday
Thursday it doesn’t necessarily matter which days you’re posting but there are
a number of advantages to doing this first of all it increases user
engagement because if users know that you’re going to be posting content on
Wednesday then they might actually seek out your Instagram profile on Wednesday
to see the new photo that they know that you’ve posted if you’re just posting
photos randomly they’re going to be less likely to actually seek out your profile
and they’ll just wait for your photos to show up in their Instagram feed it also
makes it a lot easier for you as the business owner or employee to plan
content so maybe you’re posting on every Tuesday and Wednesday you can be
prepared for those Tuesday and Wednesday posts you can plan what content you’re
going to post what time it’s going to be posted without this random aspect to
just posting your photos now another suggestion I have is to potentially take
advantage of third-party apps there are some third-party applications that will
allow you to plan your content upload the photo and the caption that’s going
to go along with the photo on say Monday and then have it automatically posted on
Friday or any other day that you’d like now again there are a few different
options the app is called schedule Graham and it’s at SCH edu GRA M let’s
talk about a few other ideas in regards to scheduling posts and planning your
content on Instagram when developing your posting schedule it’s a good idea
to participate in themed days by using popular hashtags that are specific to
each day of the week hashtags are very important on Instagram
it’s your avenue to building a following in reaching a wider audience when you
add a hashtag to your post your post will show up for users who are viewing
posts submitted to that particular hashtag whether they follow you yet or
not one of the themed days that’s pretty general across Instagram is called
throwback Thursday and it uses the hashtag TBT the TVT hashtag is used when
people post photos of themselves as a child historic photos old cars anything
that’s considered a throwback so as a business you could post photos of your
old products or maybe what your old location used to look like or
maybe just some history about your organization let’s take a look at some
of the most popular hashtags for each day of the workweek I’m not going to
discuss every single hashtag in detail so some of the popular hashtags from
Monday include Monday morning and you’ll notice the Monday mood and the Monday
blues a lot of them deal with the Mondays so if something happens at your
organization that you know fits into that theme maybe a bunch of coffee is
spilled on the floor you know depending on on what industry and but you could
try and take advantage of those Monday blues and maybe post some content that
your users will be able to relate to you know from a human perspective so that’s
a you know a good opportunity on Monday on Tuesday Tuesday tips Tuesday vibes
I think the Tuesday tip is a great woman he’s you know pretty much any business
can use that on Tuesday post a great photo and then in the caption include a
great tip that’s related to either your organization or the industry that you’re
in and use the hashtag Tuesday tip and you’ll be able to reach thousands of
people with that post if you have food products or something like that you
could use the Tuesday treat and you could post a picture of one of your
cakes or something like that as we move through the week over the Wednesday we
have Wednesday wisdom so almost like Tuesday tip some information that your
users will find valuable you’ve got Wednesday motivation you know
we’re in the middle of the work week so make a post that is attempting to kind
of encourage your followers to get through the rest of the week and power
through it and you know get pumped and that kind of stuff so there’s your
Wednesday motivation post Wednesday workout if you’re in the fitness
industry moving on to Thursday obviously the most popular one is TBT throwback
Thursday we’ve got Thursday thoughts which is kind of like our Tuesday tip on
our Wednesday wisdom Thursday vibes and if you google hash popular hashtags per
day if you just google that you’ll be able to find websites that will show you
some other hashtags as well that are popular and this will change slightly
over time but I’ve taken the absolute most popular hashtags for each day of
the week here so a lot of these will remain steady for quite a while on
Friday we’ve got Friday night people are starting to go out and have fun on the
weekend you get that Friday feeling where you’re just kind of ready for that
work week to end and see your family and friends so you know you could relate to
your users by posting something about what your organization is doing maybe
they’re having like it’s casual Friday and people are kind of goofy
a little bit that could be that Friday feeling that Friday fun so you kind of
get the idea but this is super important we are going to continue to talk about
hashtags as we go through this course because hashtags are everything on
Instagram whether you are a fan of hashtags or not if you want to be
successful on Instagram you need to use them that is how you go from reaching
the thousand people or the 500 people that follow you to reaching tens of
thousands of people that are not yet connected to your brand this is how you
can reach them and hopefully get them connected so please do not forget to
take advantage of hashtags on Instagram and just in general using the themed
days is a great idea for really any social network it’s been shown to
increase user engagement and bring more people back to your social profiles on a
regular basis Instagram allows companies to advertise
on Instagram by uploading promoted posts these are posts that will be shown in
users feeds even if they’re not following you on Instagram this can be a
great way for companies of any size to increase the awareness of their product
or service you can start a promoted post campaign for as little as $1 per day
businesses can advertise on Instagram in the exact same way that they can
advertise on Facebook as you may know Instagram is owned by Facebook and
they’ve combined the system that both platforms use for advertising in fact
you can run the exact same promotional campaign on Facebook and Instagram
simultaneously there’s a lot of information about advertising on
Instagram on the Instagram website at business forward slash
advertising you can advertise with photo ads with video ads using the Instagram
carousel feature or even in Instagram stories Instagram tells us how we can
meet our business goals through advertising on their platform and at the
very bottom we have four quick steps to get started with advertising on
Instagram recently however Instagram has made it even easier to advertise by
simply promoting a post that you’ve already uploaded to your Instagram
account directly from within Instagram so you don’t have to use Facebook as
manager and just below the photo we have the button that says promote you’ll
notice that we’re first asked what is our goal do we want more profile visits
website traffic or more promotion views this is going to determine who is going
to see this ad and what the call-to-action is on that ad where
Instagram is going to try and send your user so let’s say we want more profile
views and now we can choose the audience that we’d like to target so we could go
in and we could target a local audience we could manually select people based on
their interests or we could just let Instagram automatically target our users
based on people that already follow us so I think that’s a good option for
people just starting out and now we’re asked how much money we want to spend
notice I mentioned earlier you can spend as little as $1 per day and you could
run a one-day campaign notice that as I change the budget in duration our
estimated reach changes as well so with a $1 budget running for one day we would
reach an estimated 220 to 580 users that wouldn’t normally see this post if we
they increase our budget to $5 and we do a five-day promotion you can see we can
reach potentially almost 10,000 new users that wouldn’t normally see our
post so once you’ve selected your budget in your duration you can tap next you
just need to add a payment method and you’ll be all set to start launching a
promoted post on Instagram and then you’ll be able to look at some insights
to see how many people that post has reached you’ll even be able to see how
many people have actually clicked to view your Instagram profile which is
basically you know a metric of how successful your promoted post has been
and we’re going to take a look a little bit deeper at that later on in the
course when we talk about Instagram insights but this is the quick way to
get started with advertising on Instagram when using Instagram for business
purposes it’s important to optimize our Instagram profile so that people know
who we are and where they can find out more about our organization to do this
make sure that you’re on your own profile page and Instagram and then tap
on the edit profile button towards the top right of the screen on this screen
we have a number of different fields that we can fill out to give people more
information about who we are here on Instagram the first two fields are very
similar the first one is for the real name of the person or organization using
the account the second field is the account username so the first field is
your more professional-looking name here in Instagram you can actually put spaces
in that field but the other field you can’t have any spaces in it so in the
first one go ahead and put your actual organization name or your brand name
however you’d like to appear on Instagram and then in the second field
you can put a very similar name but you can’t put any spaces so you may need to
use an underscore or just use your organization name without spaces it’s
really important to enter a website in the third field on this page because we
need to give people a place to go outside of Instagram where they can find
out more about our brand so go ahead and enter your website in that field or
maybe your YouTube page whatever location you think is most important for
users to be able to quickly and easily access notice that we also have the
opportunity to add a short bio to our Instagram account I really want to
stress that there should be a short description because people aren’t going
to read an entire history or a huge mission statement here on Instagram
they’re here to look at photos so short and sweet and to the point is best some
people get really creative with their BIOS they might you know put some
hashtags in you can also a lot of the more personal brands who are kind of
branding themselves we’ll put some descriptive adjectives about them so
they might put like educator content creator youtuber photographer that type
of stuff so it kind of gives people an idea of who you are take a look at other
people’s profiles see what they’re doing see what you like best it’s going to
depend on your industry a lot as well if you have a phone number that is open to
the public put it here if you have an email address
that’s your business email put it here if you have a brick-and-mortar store put
the address in so that people know where you are the more ways you give people to
contact you and access you the better chances you have that they will engage
with your brand when you do choose a photo to upload you can kind of crop it
little bit and formulated to make it fit here Instagram do you know pay attention
to the fact that the Instagram profile image is round and I just want to
mention too if you’re having trouble getting a photo you know on your device
for your logo what you can do is just email yourself your logo and then access
your email on your device and download that to your device and then you can
easily add it I know that a few people have run into that issue in the past so
I did want to mention that that’s probably the easiest way to do that
again once you have all of this information entered your profile should
look a lot more professional and when people access your page they should know
who you are what you do and how they can get in contact with you one thing that businesses have
discovered since they started using social media is that it’s not just
enough to have a presence on social media and upload all of your
advertisements and photos of your products but it’s also important to
interact with the community and I think this is even more important than ever on
Instagram once you start using Instagram especially as a business you’ll notice
that there are a lot of fake accounts and bot accounts and accounts that just
follow you and then you’ll you’ll get a comment on your photo like great photo
but then you’ll post another for the next day and the same account will
comment the same thing and you come to realize that it’s a bot account it’s
automatically commenting in hopes that you’ll follow back and then maybe
they’ll market something to you at some point in the future so with that being
said you’re just gonna have to deal with some of those BOTS commenting on your
photos but you do not want to appear as I bought yourself so by interacting with
the community you can show everyone else on Instagram that you are a real person
there is a real person behind your brand that you are actually reading what
people are posting and what they’re commenting and so that’s really
important you know on Instagram you’ve got a few different big aspects you’ve
got really nice photos that you want to post then you want to add all your
hashtags to that so that people can discover it and then you need to
interact with the community to build that reputation in that trust so let’s
talk about how we can interact with the community here a little bit first of all
we can just give the photo a like which you can do by tapping on the heart icon
or you can just double tap right on the photo itself you’ll notice when I double
a tap the heart icon is now filled in red which means hey we like the the post
okay great we have a few other options as well we tap on the chat bubble icon
we can then comment on this post so we could say we love that game great photo
whatever you think you know is best you definitely want to be authentic with
your comments if you don’t like the photo and don’t comment that you like it
cuz in the long run that’s not going to help you you really want that
authenticity on Instagram like I said more important than ever it’s important
to also mention that you can add mention people in your Instagram comment and
that’s going to make it pretty personal and it’s going to make it so that I’m
not appearing like a bot I haven’t seen any BOTS yet on Instagram that actually
at mention users with automated responses they do
use hashtags though so be careful so we can go ahead and we can tap post so now
we’ve just shared this comment on that post and whoever uploaded it will be
notified that we commented and they’ll be able to take a look at it that’s a
great way for them you know personally I look at all the comments on
my Instagram photos so if you want to get my attention comment on one of my
photos there’s a good chance I’m gonna click through and take a look at your
account unless it looks like it’s just a bot comment but I might look anyways to
find out if it’s a bot so commenting to me commenting is really more important
than liking a photo like your photo is nice and if you like it you should like
it but you’re not going people aren’t going to look at every single person
that likes every one of their photos but comments they might so if you really
want to dig into the community commenting is very very important now at
the same time you know we’ve commented we could also follow this user so if we
go back and go back to this users profile and notice at the top we’ve got
the big blue Follow button so we can tap follow and now they’ll be notified that
we started following them and maybe they’ll follow us back so this is just
an example of how you can comment and like photos but there are some other
ways that you could use this feature for instance maybe you see people uploading
photos of your product or service so you could comment on them and thank them for
posting a photo of it maybe there’s a customer that’s interacting a lot with
your photos and Instagram and you kind of get a feel for what they like and
then you’re looking at your own Instagram feed of photos that other
people have posted and you see one that you know that they’re gonna enjoy you
could comment on it at mention them and say hey I thought you’d enjoy this and
they’re gonna say wow they actually know who I am and know what I like on
Instagram so there’s that personality that intimacy that is really going to
take you that one step further on any social network but especially Instagram
so if you really start to inter interact with the community you’re gonna get more
followers you’re going to get more brand recognition people are going to know who
you are better and it’s just a really important aspect of social media so
don’t forget to interact with the photos that other people are posting as well
don’t make Instagram a place where you just dump all these photos and hope that
you’re going to get a bunch of followers but really dive in and become a member
of the community you’re definitely going to have a lot more success on Instagram
if you’re doing this then just uploading a whole bunch of marketing material once you start uploading photos and
videos to Instagram people are going to start interacting with those photos and
videos they’re going to start liking and commenting on them and it’s important to
review that activity for a few different reasons first of all it’s important to
listen to the feedback of your followers maybe you’ve just posted a photo of a
brand new product and people are commenting about what they like about it
and what they don’t like about it that’s important information that you can
gather right here on Instagram additionally it’s also a great way to
measure your success on Instagram if you post ten photos to Instagram and one of
those photos is getting a lot more likes and comments than the other nine it’s
important to take a look at that photo and find out why it’s been so successful
so that you can try and recreate that success with future photos and videos
that you upload thankfully Instagram has a feature built right in that will allow
us to do this from our profile page you’ll notice that we have a link at the
bottom that’s a heart symbol and that is the activity section if we have any
unread activity you’ll notice a little red dot below the heart so in this
section we can see all the people that have interacted with us on Instagram so
we can see all the interactions with our profile on the screen we can see when
people follow us we can see when they like our posts or when they comment on
our posts now notice that on this screen we actually have two sections at the
very top you’ll see that it says following in you and by default when we
first enter the activity screen were in the use section and again that shows all
the activity that’s associated with our Instagram account but if we tap on the
following section this will show us all of the activity that the people we
follow on Instagram have recently done so we can see when they like posts that
are on other Instagram accounts now as a business I think generally speaking it’s
more important to review the activity that’s been taken on your account
however I do find that accessing the following section is good to discover
new users on Instagram so you can come in here and you can see who the people
that you follow follow and the photos that they like and maybe you’ll see you
know one of the photos up there and say oh that’s a really cool photo you know
let me check it out and then you go to the profile and you’ve found somebody
else to follow and interact with on Instagram that’s really the third
element to reviewing your activity again you can get some feedback on your
product or service you can find out which posts are being more successful so
you can try and recreate that and then the third element is that you can
interact with community because when people interact
with you and that is a perfect opportunity to interact back we know
that people who are commenting on our photos are interested in what we’re
doing so that is just a perfect opportunity for us to really build our
trust with them even more and just increase our overall reputation here on
Instagram so once you start uploading photos and videos don’t forget to go
back and review what people think of your uploads so that you can better plan
for the future when it comes to utilizing Instagram
stories for business purposes in my opinion it becomes a balancing act
between how much time you put in creating stories and how much engagement
you get out of them because they’re only viewable for 24 hours a lot of work is
needed to maintain an active story and keep it relevant especially if you’re
just starting out on Instagram with few followers it may not seem worth it for
larger organizations this shouldn’t be a problem because they can dedicate a full
time staff member specifically to Instagram for small and medium sized
organizations however this can seem daunting there are however a couple of
ways to utilize instagrams stories for marketing without spending large amounts
of time each and every day the first option is to simply use photos and
videos that you’ve already posted to Instagram if you tap to view one of the
photos or videos that you’ve already posted in your feed you’ll notice that
there’s an arrow towards the bottom and when you tap on that arrow you have the
option to add this post to your story if you choose you can use the story editing
tools to add some creative flair to your post but because our goal is to utilize
stories with minimal effort we’ll just move this around a little bit and you’ll
notice if we tap it either displays or hide some of the caption below it so
that’s up to you you can also pinch to zoom a little bit so you can you know
real reorganize that a little bit but then when you’re ready you’ll just hit
the plus your story at the bottom so now we’ve just added one of our older posts
to our story now I wouldn’t recommend doing this with your really old post
right but the idea is that you post a photo to Instagram and it’s a
behind-the-scenes photo it’s really cool and you want to increase a little bit of
the engagement that you get out of the photo right after you post it you can
add it to your story not necessarily a week later or a month later we’re still
talking about relevant photos but we’re just using them in both our feed and our
story so that’s the first option that we can use to quickly utilize stories
another way to utilize instagrams stories efficiently is to make use of
the highlights feature up until now in this course I’ve stated that stories
only remain viewable for 24 hours and while that holds true another feature
known as story highlights will allow your stories to be viewable on your
profile page for as long as you want notice that at the top of our profile
page we have the section called story highlights and we can tap to add a new
highlight we can then choose as many of our already
hosted stories to add to this highlight now we can choose a title and a cover
for our highlight when I tap Add you’ll notice that now towards the middle of my
screen we have a highlight listed on our profile page you can add as many story
highlights as you’d like one pro tip that I’d like to add is that if you have
multiple story highlights the order that they’re listed on your profile may
change the most recently updated one is always listed first this is really
useful if you have a particular highlight that you’d always like to be
first maybe it’s an about highlight it’s all about your organization this is how
you can keep it in that first spot so I wanted to share that little pro tip with
all of you these are just a couple ways that you can utilize instagrams stories
without spending a ton of time every day in creating and posting them and then
just having them disappear 24 hours later once you’ve become familiar with the
actual process of creating Instagram stories it’s time to decide what type of
content you should be adding to stories let’s take a look some ideas and proven
strategies to get those juices flowing behind the scenes content is always
great for Instagram stories you may have some photos of your workspace and they
may not be too glamorous so you don’t want to post them directly to your feed
but it does give your brand that human touch in that personal feel when people
see them in stories but they don’t last forever so Instagram stories a great
place for behind-the-scenes content it’s also a great place for releases and
announcements especially if you’re trying to build up a little buzz about
it you can do a soft announcement in your story so that even people who are
reading your fee don’t hear about it so those users that are watching your
stories get that feel that they’re special and that they’re part of a
smaller group of people that follow you that kind of create some intimacy so you
might want to think about teasers releases and announcements specifically
for instagrams stories really important to appear to add your location a lot of
people consume Instagram stories by looking at a particular location so
somebody might be looking at all of the stories from Los Angeles California well
if you didn’t add the location to your story you’re not going to show up there
if you were creating Instagram stories you might see a 50% increase in how many
views it gets just by adding your location so if it’s relevant make sure
you’re adding your location shoutouts this is again a great idea to give your
brand a little bit more of a personal feel if you have some users that are
following you and interacting with your brand quite a bit on social media or
maybe even other companies that are in a related industry or that you work with
stories is a great place to give some shoutouts to individuals other
organizations again that human touch personal feel lets people know that
there’s a human behind your organization inspirational messages a lot of people
are browsing pretty quick through their stories they can tap through the next
one if they don’t want to read it all but it can be nice to get a little bit
of motivation and here’s something positive while you’re going through
those stories to direct your path through the rest of your work day or
weekend so that’s definitely a good option for stories as well something
that you might not want to post directly on your Instagram feed and have them
there forever about your organization now this is specifically for Instagram
highlights so we talked about Instagram highlights earlier in the course
they will stay therefore for as long as you keep them there on your profile so
one idea is to create a highlight that’s all about your organization what’s your
mission statement what’s your goals is there any important history that people
should know anything else that you want users to know who are looking to learn
more about you you can add that all into Instagram
stories then add it to your highlight section and keep it right at the front
of your page so it’s one of the first things people see when they come if they
don’t get enough information in your profile description they can tap on your
Instagram highlight that gives more information about your organization I
also want to take this time to mention a feature that you might have to work a
little bit to be able to use but once you have 10,000 followers on Instagram
you can then add links into your stories so you could create a story maybe it’s a
little advertisement for a new blog post or a new video that you’ve released and
then you can tell people hey swipe up if you want to hear more and when they
swipe up like I said if you have 10,000 followers then they will actually be
directed to a particular link that you specify when you create the story so
that’s kind of a good little tip and it’s a good reason to try and get those
10,000 followers so you get that added feature of being able to direct people
through your stories to an outside website or youtube channel or something
like that and then again on the same topic of utilizing Instagram story
highlights it is to categorize your posts I see a lot of users doing this
now this is best if you have a lot of posts so let’s say you’ve got you know
50 to 100 posts maybe even more than that maybe a hundred to hundred to a
thousand posts you can start adding your favorite ones to a story highlight and
you can categorize them so you might have you know product reviews you might
have before-and-after pictures you might have behind-the-scenes photos and you
can keep them all categorized right at the top of your profile so if somebody
doesn’t feel like scrolling through your entire feed they can tap on the
particular category that is most interesting to them so these are just
some ideas to get your juices flowing I do want to leave you with a little
message and that is remember to be creative and fearless and I want to
stress fearless on this one they’re only there for 24 hours they don’t last
forever this is your opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone throw the
pasta against the wall and see if it sticks you can look at stories as you’re
live testing ground for new content ideas you may be pleasantly surprised
by how well some seemingly simple content ideas perform in Instagram
stories creating a unique and cohesive style for
your Instagram account can really help you stand out from the competition let’s
take a look at some ideas on how we can achieve that and then we’ll browse over
some accounts that have already implemented these ideas first of all you
may want to consider using a unified color scheme for your Instagram pictures
you may want to post all of your photos in black and white or photos that have a
more blue cool feel to them or photos that are more orange and red with a
warmer feel either way you can create this style that goes beyond each
individual picture so that when somebody looks at your feed as a whole it appears
as one big piece of artwork it’s also a good idea to use a custom hashtag you
could make up a hashtag using the name of your organization or come up with a
creative hashtag related to your industry and then you can use that
hashtag for every single post that you publish to Instagram and others can use
it as well you can even encourage your followers to use the hashtag say in your
stories you could say hey if you’re using our product post a photo and add
this hashtag it’s just a way to stand out a little bit and have a special
place other than your account where you and other users can go to see your
products and services in action when we’re talking about being unique in
creating a style on Instagram you may want to think not just about the colors
of the photos that you’re posting but what’s in those photos maybe you want to
have photos that are very minimalistic with just one or two items in each photo
or maybe you want to have a whole bunch of items I follow some people on
Instagram that collect different things old computers and stuff like that and
they’ll post these pictures have twenty different little computers in them all
over the place and that’s its own unique style as well so it depends on your
style your organization style and the industry that you’re in but having some
type of conformity can really help you get a nice aesthetic feel when people go
to your profile some users have chosen to take advantage of the Instagram feed
layout the grid layout allows you to create conformity in groups of three for
instance you can post a selfie then a photo of your workspace then a photo of
your product the next day same thing selfie works based product
rinse and repeat over time your feed will start to look really attractive and
artistic because all of the selfies will line up in one column all of the
workspace shots in another column and then all of the product photos in the
third column lastly remember to continue being authentic these are
just some ideas but I’m sure you can modify them and come up with some that
are unique in your own I have a few Instagram pro tips that I
haven’t shared yet in the course but that I think you’ll find important
let’s take a look my first pro tip is actually more of a warning and that is
to watch out for bots on Instagram so a bot is essentially an account on
Instagram that is run by a computer algorithm and there isn’t actually a
human behind it and these bots will like your posts they’ll follow you on
Instagram and they might even comment on your posts usually the comments will be
general comments they could pretty much go with any photo like it might be great
or really nice job they can get pretty intricate though sometimes they’ll have
hashtags in them and everything the reason I say watch out form is just
because don’t get caught up if all of a sudden you lose 10 or 20 followers in a
day something like that because what happens is is these BOTS accounts will
follow you and then it hopes that you’re gonna see that they followed you
you’re gonna go to their profile and then you’re gonna follow them and then
they’ll come back in about a week later and they’ll unfollow you automatically
it’s all done by an algorithm so first of all don’t follow the bots you can
delete their comments if you want sometimes I do depending what the
comment is and definitely don’t be alarmed if you lose some followers
especially in the early days because you’re probably going to be followed by
a lot of bots and fake accounts at first so just keep an eye on the bots they do
exist but don’t let them bother you either secondly followers can be
purchased and I’m not telling you to purchase followers there are some
reasons to do it and there are a number of reasons not to do it but I think that
it’s important that you’re aware of this because if you’re running a legitimate
Instagram account and you’re not purchasing followers you may be
disappointed when you see one of your competitors has posted way less posts
and you have has been on Instagram for less time and has 10 times the followers
that’s because they purchased them and purchasing followers doesn’t really do
anything for you except it makes you look a little more popular right these
are not real followers they’re basically BOTS again they’re not going to be
liking your posts or not going to be commenting in your posts or not going to
purchase your product or service it’s just to make it look like you’re more
popular than you really are so again I am not condoning purchasing followers I
personally have never purchased followers on Instagram but I do want you
to be aware that people do do it if you do purchase followers I will put a
slight warning and that is is everybody can see who your followers are so if you
have you know you purchase a bunch of followers somebody can go in and look at
your followers and some of those followers are a little sketchy maybe
even an inappropriate so you’re kind of putting your brand
if somebody goes in and looks at your followers because now your brain is
being associated with inappropriate content on Instagram so definitely be
careful of that and be aware that people do purchase followers on Instagram third
pro tip I have is that you can turn on notifications so that you’re notified
every time a user posts on Instagram so this is great if you follow somebody and
you really like what they’re posting instead of having to sift through and
look at their profile or sift through your feed you can be automatically
notified the next pro tip that I’d like to mention is that you can use multiple
accounts on the same device so this is great if you’re managing multiple brands
or if you just have your personal Instagram account and a business account
the final pro tip I have is just a pro tip to help make your life easier
when you’re posting to Instagram and it’s that you can actually reorder your
most-used filters so hopefully these will help you
once you’ve already gotten established on Instagram and you’re really just
trying to take it to the next level these minor tips and tweaks may help you
do that with just a little bit more ease you

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