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welcome to this lecture of a new way of
Instagram and what we’re going to be covering in this lecture is looking at
some points you want to consider whilst making a business account or running a
business account on Instagram so let’s dive straight on him
okay so I want you to start seeing Instagram as a place to tell your story
I also want you to see us somewhere for new consumers to discover you as well
that the platform is visually defining your brand every time you upload a photo
and it’s also a knowledge center to understand your demographic so let’s
have a look at these bullet points and a little bit more detail cool so a place
to tell your story and basically what you’re doing every time you upload an
image on Instagram is telling the story behind your brand and to make a great
story it basically sells whatever your product or service is a great story does
sell that product or service and you need to learn to connect with your
audience you need to bring them into your brand’s world and to be a great
storyteller you need to always be aware of your audience you need to know when
to speed up and down to create attention or create suspense and you know over
time you’re gonna learn what your audience loves and what they hate so you
know you can speed up or create some attention by uploading a series of funny
images and then slow it down a bit of a more serious image you know you will
learn this over time with your audience itself and you basically make a great
story is to continuously give to your followers you want to give give give
just continuously give and then you can ask so in other words what you’re doing
is going to be offering a lot of value on your business account and you may be
questioning well I just want to upload images that tell people that I’ve got
five percent off today or you know I’ve got twenty percent off coming up on
Tuesday or within 48 hours you can get this new baseball cap that’s in our
store and unfortunately that just doesn’t cut it
especially in 2016 with the social media trends that is not going to work is
very boring consumers or followers on Instagram will not care that you’ve got
20% off because ultimately they could go anywhere and actually find that 20% off
it’s not anything great for them so what you need to do instead is actually
create emotional investment because emotional investment actually creates
memories and memories lead to sales the best way to think about this is if you
were ever younger and you continuously asked your mom for something and she
just kept saying no no no and then say a week later out of nowhere she decided to
buy you that toy you wanted and you actually have no idea why this is most
likely because you actually say maybe did a few extra chores you made her
smile you did good in school you got really good grades or you know you just
did something really cute such as going outside and picking flowers for her and
this is because you’ve actually offered value to her you’ve given you’ve give
some more and you’ve just continuously gave and this is what you actually need
to apply on your Instagram account so a good example of this would be if you’re
an ice cream brand you don’t want to say hey come and Store and get one free
scoop with your double scoop purchase today instead you want to upload an
image of maybe like you dropped a tub of ice cream like you’ve made a meme out of
it like oh no or you’ve edited in like I don’t know a squished and spongebob on
the floor of the ice cream on top of him whatever it can be something that’s
gonna make people laugh for example and you want to continuously do this and
then you can actually do the ask where you say come in store today and you may
actually see spongebob splattered on the floor as well as getting a free scoop
with your two ball purchase for example so pretty much want to tell your story
and continuously give so make sure you keep that in mind that you want to offer
value to people on the platform the next bullet point is new customers to
discover you so Instagram is all about discovering awesome content so luckily
for you there are a lot a lot a lot of users on this platform and a lot more
adjoining or will be joining in 2016 so this gives them opportunity to discover
your brand and as its mentioned Instagram is all about discovering
awesome content so if you’re gonna deliver awesome
content you’re most likely gonna get new followers you’re gonna be heard about
people will post about you they’ll show their friends they’ll talk about you etc
and guess what new followers equal potential combs customers so it’s pretty
simple it’s very easy you’ve just got to make sure that you keep in mind that
you’ve got to give value add awesome content which is generally by giving
value and you’re gonna get those new followers which can lead into customers
so Instagram visually defines your brand it is a visual platform it’s all about
uploading images you don’t really share or talk about what you’ve been up to all
day instead you upload an image and you can write a little bit of information
about it so people ultimately who use this platform they want visual
stimulation that’s what they’re there for they’re there to see really nice
images they want to see things that are interesting that stand out from the
normal and that’s what you’ve got to provide if you want to be an outstanding
brand on Instagram so if you don’t upload visually appealing content no one
wants to look at your account and you know this relates back to our last two
bullet points so if you don’t upload content like adds value or you don’t
give give give it’s not gonna be that really awesome content and it’s not
gonna be visually appealing really either so no one will want to look at
your account which means no followers and ultimately no customers don’t worry
we’re gonna be covering all about how you can actually make your account
visually appealing so the last one is understand your demographics so luckily
Instagram is a really great place to understand what people love and like
it’s very easy to see because it is all visual or picture based you can actually
go on to people’s accounts who are following you see what their interests
are and you actually get an understanding of what people like doing
apart from purchasing your product or service so yep over time you’ll find out
what people like and you’ll also find out what they hate you’re gonna probably
upload some images that people literally don’t like they don’t commonly try and
ignore because they actually really don’t like it a random example would be
if you’re a brand about selling gaming keyboards and all of a sudden you upload
picture of your CEO riding a horse you know you may not get that much
engagement because a lot of gamers probably do not care for horses but
you’re gonna learn that over time and you know you may upload a thing of you
know a home deck or on that account and for some reason gamers love it you’re
just gonna find out those very unique traits about you actual demographic so
yes you will fail and you may upload content that makes people question you
and why they’re following you but don’t worry because it happens to everyone
however of course the information you’re gonna gain is priceless and it truly
does allow you to understand the people supporting you and I also want you to
remember instagrams crowd is much different from Facebook Twitter
Pinterest etc it’s a completely different platform it’s mainly accessed
by phone users you’ve got to remember that whereas other platforms are
accessed on different sort of applications on browsers etc so this is
our main bullets points covered hopefully you’ve got a bit of an
understanding and I want you to remember these as you go throughout the course on
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