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100 thoughts on “Instagram Plans to Rebrand Itself as “Instagram from Facebook”

  1. Zuckerberg still doesn't realize that Facebook has become a toxic brand.
    It's almost like he has no social skills

  2. https://www.wired.com/story/facebook-knows-more-about-you-than-cia/?verso=true

    I already deleted my FB account…and it looks like Instagram might be next.

  3. Seth, Seth…two questions = 1. what will you draw material from in 2025 after Trump leaves office…2. when are you going to become funny…..

  4. I just gave in and went back to Instagram which is my only social media account. Guess it’s time to get off it again.

  5. I think that you should have said "unquote" at around 39 seconds to let your viewers know when the quote ended.

  6. F**king Why?! We know Instagram is owned by Facebook. Smh

    And that lady was obviously a Bomb of White Hate & Bigotry

  7. Remember when everyone protested Facebook privacy concerns by flocking to Instagram… who is owned by Facebook?

    Good times.

  8. That apparently is how long you should wait after eating until you get back in the pool.
    If you're eating edibles.

  9. When are you people going to get that no one is really thinking old man jokes about the one man who is trying like hell to save the country .. are funny. Its stupid at best. There's just nothing else to make fun of hunh. Well, I guess that's a good thing 🙂

  10. The guy accidentally circumcised, I wonder if they could have reattached it after. How do they even make that mistake?

  11. Lokey these Bernie jokes are bad. Not even funny, I'm a Bernie fan, but hell I make from of him quite often enough..

  12. That republican lady is right. My favorite game is MarioKart. And that's why I hurl turtle shells at other cars on my morning commute. 🐢🐢🐢 🚗
    Yes, this is a cry for help! 😄😆

  13. Good point Seth, why would Instagram want to announce it was "from Facebook". Thats like the Republican party of tomorrow boasting "built by Trump and Ailes". Sometimes the truth hurts.

  14. I'm SICK of Facebook & Instagram .. They're discriminatory .. Hate groups everywhere but they target Christian pages ecety chance they get 😝

  15. I love how when a joke doesn't do well, Seth goes on to make everyone laugh about it and does better as the actual joke 😂😂

  16. Zuckerberg is horrible with naming. Even Facebook he had named it "The Facebook" until Sean Parker gave him the better suggestion.

  17. "I hope you're proud of yourself Mr. Myers" is what I imagine Seth telling himself in his head when a joke does not land.

  18. I’ve already deleted my Facebook account for over a year now I think.
    IG was the only app I actually liked and now Facebook’s gotta ruin that too

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