Instagram’s Most Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Social Media Minute
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Instagram’s Most Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
and this is Social Media Minute. I wanna talk about the coolest
campaigns we’ve seen on Instagram lately. Instagram became a platform
where you can do a lot more marketing. They opened up their advertising platform and they’re still one of the most
engaging platforms out there. And here are some of the most
awesome cases we found. Number 1, BMW. They launched
a campaign for their i3 electrive drive you can go to Instagram and instead
of seeing photo by photo by photo, they used the format
in a completely different way. They used the first main profile
as the source of not a feed but one long picture,
if you move your phone. They used it as one long picture. Which is amazing because you see
a whole huge story, like a panoramic story and you click on
two of the people that are there and you can follow their individual feed
of what they’ve done, including videos. That’s an amazing
usage of the platform. One that’s pretty creative
and has not been used like that before. Another great example is IKEA in Russia. IKEA launches their famous catalogue
of items that you can buy in IKEA. This time, they took the catalogue
and brought it on Instagram. And what their most creative usage was they actually used
the photo tagging feature to tag different
objects as different profiles. that you can then click onto
and get straight down to the object. They also then allowed
people to tag the IKEA furniture on top of that,
which is more of a funny feature but we appreaciate their creativity. And the third
great example is Rickstaverse. Less of a marketing
campaign, more of a game where people used
hundreds of Instagram profiles to create a game,
where you can go very, very deep into a universe of worlds and start
collecting objects, hidden things. That’s quite fun and nobody’s
created that for marketing campaign. So, very good usage. This means that of course, you can create amazingly creative
content on platforms, you have to. But why are you creating it? You have to think of how to apply it
to that particular social network. And Instagram is very specific,
you can’t just shove pictures, press pictures out there on Instagram. You have to think of the story behind it. People love stories on Instagram. These creative forms of creating
longer stories and click-through content is something people want to engage
with and they’ll go and talk about it. The IKEA Russia campaign
got an amazing amount of press. So be creative in the formats
that you’re doing things in. Make sure you subscribe to our show
and keep watching what we do. Thanks, guys.

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9 thoughts on “Instagram’s Most Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2015: Social Media Minute

  1. Why your project is called Social media minute, but it is longer than one minute? Maybe it was better to call it Social media brief? Other thing, yea, it is creative decisions with Insta, but is it effective?

  2. BMW's campaign is nothing new. In fact, I used to do it like years ago. But you gotta give a standing ovation to rick and morty though. That page is awesome.

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