INSTANTLY Brand Your Videos On YouTube – New Branding Intro Feature
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INSTANTLY Brand Your Videos On YouTube – New Branding Intro Feature

Have you seen it yet? YouTube recently released
a brand new feature to instantly make your videos look more professional. Check it out… So, YouTube just released a brand new feature
that allows you to INSTANTLY add a video intro to your videos. Pretty cool right? But what’s the big deal? Why use this new
feature in the first place? I see 2 main benefits… Firstly, having a professional video intro
can give you a MASSIVE and INSTANT credibility boost. When people see that you have a nice
looking video intro, subconsciously a little trigger goes off in their heads, that you
mean business and that you’re a pro! Secondly, you can activate this new feature
to automatically add your video intro for either ALL your videos, or simply any future
videos that you upload to your channel. This can save you a TON of time in the long run! Pretty nifty right? I told you! Ok, so how does it work? Basically, if you can click and drag, you’re
already more than qualified! Just follow these 5 easy steps: Step 1: Create a 3 second long video intro.
If you don’t have one yet or don’t know how to create one, don’t worry, I’ll share something
really cool with you in a second. Now, these video intros can only be 3 seconds or less.
If it’s longer than that, YouTube won’t accept it. More on this in a second… Step 2: Upload your video intro to your channel
just like you’d normally upload any other video. Just make sure you set it to “unlisted”
when you upload it, so that the video does not go into your subscriber feed. Step 3: Go to your Channel Settings, and then
look for In-Video Programming. Then look for the third option down, where there is a button
labelled “Add a branding intro”. Which leads us to… Step 4: Now click on that button, and then
YouTube will automatically show you any of your videos that are 3 seconds long or less.
Please note though, that you can’t actually use these intros as ads. And there’s a link
there you can click on to read more about it. At Step 5, you get two choices – you can apply
your video intro to either 1) uploads after a specific date or 2) all your uploads (which
will include all your existing videos on YouTube). If you ever want to change your intro, no
problems. YouTube allows you to either delete your intro, or select a different one. But
they do recommend you don’t change it around too often to help you keep your “brand consistency”. So that’s basically it for setting up your
video intro with YouTube. All you need now is a slick and professional video intro that
is 3 seconds long or less. And I have just the very thing for you! Splasheo, one of my other businesses has just
released a set of really great video intros, all meeting the exact requirements for YouTube. All you have to do, is select which one you
want, upload your logo, and then the team at Splasheo will take care of the rest. If you want your very own 3 second long video
intro clip that you can use with YouTube’s video intro feature, just click on the link
in the description area below the video to check out all the options. If you have ANY questions or comments at all,
please make sure you leave them below this video towards the bottom of this page. Thank you for watching, and I look forward
to seeing you inside my next video real soon!

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19 thoughts on “INSTANTLY Brand Your Videos On YouTube – New Branding Intro Feature

  1. Thanks for the info. Iwas playing around on Youtube and saw it and didn't know what it was all about thank you for showing me the ropes

  2. YouTube just gets better and better, and its all a free platform. Thanks G for keeping on top of the latest innovations like this – will make life a lot easier for YouTubers!

  3. A year ago, this intro idea was one I suggested to YouTube—nice to see a real reply.
    —I also mentioned that having an outro (with the usual CTA) would streamline things nicely.  Wouldn't mind seeing that too.

  4. Do you have affiliate programs? I refer people to you a lot! 🙂 Love the service and was just about to send over another client…also think this would be cool to offer as a resource in my webinar next week! 

  5. I bought a new intro a few days ago at Splasheo. I love it as always! Thanks for the great service. 🙂

  6. Nicely done @***** but I have to ask, why you're not using an intro on this channel. Did I miss it?

  7. I discovered your channel today and all i can say is that your work is amazing. I feel so lucky to have access to such valuable, accurate and nicely expressed information and tips. I cannot thank you enough. I wish you nothing but the best. Greetings from Athens Greece.

  8. Great stuff! I'm working on my intro and this is a good reminder to get busy and get it done. I'd love to have more info on your affiliate program as well.

  9. Hi, i just remove the branding intro clip after that i want to put a new one clip intro it just give me this msg for 48hours "Branding intro is currently being processed on 1 video. Please wait for processing to complete before selecting a different branding intro." Can you help me out from this? tnx… 

  10. So, after selecting All Uploads, Gideon, does that also mean that when I upload more videos, my intros will automatically be added?

  11. Splasheo is legend. Works just brilliantly. You also explain really well. Thanks very much Gideon people like you make a difference to using the tube and the other swings and roundabouts aka social media.

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