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Intern Insights: Design

– I’d actually only been
to the Met once before. I really wanted to,
you know, go back and have a new perspective
on all of the artwork. I already kind of knew
that I was more interested in the layout of the museum,
just because I think that’s really interesting
working with the way a visitor encounters the art. The design department
puts together proposals for the exhibits, and then
follows through with that– not just conceptually,
but also physically. – But we have to pick and choose
really carefully because you can see, there’s
stuff everywhere in here. – I love every single person
that works in that department. They are all insanely creative. Their offices are gorgeous. They just, you know, took me in
as if I was working there. I got to see every aspect of
the actual physical installation of an exhibit. And then all of that work
that you do five years before the artwork
even enters the building. You get to see all the little
nooks and crannies of the museum. You find these amazing artworks
just by running around and taking a second
and looking. – It is ivory also. – One of the best things
was meeting so many different people, not
just the staff in the museum, but the other interns
that I worked with. Being around kids who are
just as motivated as you, and just as interested
in the museum as you, you know, gives you
this great connection, and a really great environment
to just learn. So a lot of us felt like we were
there to help the people at the Met because you kind of
have that idea of an “intern.” You know, you think you’re there
to be trained, you’re there to get coffee
for people. But really more and more
we realized that they were here to help us, to help us learn,
to help us figure out what we wanted,
and how to get it. I’m a huge art nerd,
so this is like heaven for me. This museum is heaven.

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