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International Business Consultant – Alternative Jobs

I practiced law in China for over 11 years. My area is international business law and corporate commercial law, combined with some immigration matters. She taught me to set up a network with the local professionals. This is called networking, just to set up connections and then maybe some opportunities will come out when the connections are set up. And she taught me a lot of strategies like doing an information interview and just to call the potential employer and to let them know you want to get some information from them, and just to meet them, and to give a good impression to the employer and then maybe you can get a chance. At first my boss was really concerned about my being happy working as a law clerk at a low level. But to me the most important thing is I’m new to Canada and working as a law clerk means a new ball game for me. At least I put my foot in the door and will be familiarized with the Canadian legal system and also I will learn many new skills. I was promoted after 2 months working as a law clerk to international business transactions. I believe my experience in business law and international trade law helps me to be a bridge to connections with China and Canada. Now I take online studies for my Immigration Consultant Certificate, and then if I pass the Full Membership exam I can work on the immigration issues, the immigration matters in this area. Just like a lawyer. And if I want to become a lawyer, I need to study law school for 1 or 2 years, then I think I will take an extra year. Another goal is just to pass the Bar exam in New York State and this is another choice, I think I will do that in 2 or 3 years.

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