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International Internships at Jamestown Community College

When I saw this opportunity for teaching abroad
in Spain, I, I knew it was something that I wanted to try, and I ended up really, really
loving where I went. I had never taught anything before, so that was
a bit of a challenge at first. I had been involved in the past with helping
out with classes, but never conducting it myself, and when I went abroad, I really,
I didn’t know exactly how to make lessons plans, but I quickly, quickly learned and
was helped by Heather so much, so it became a lot of fun. Teaching to a variety of age groups was at
first a little bit nerve-wracking because it was hard enough just getting used to one,
but after I, I got used to all of them and they were all amazing. The kids were a lot
of fun because we could do a lot of different activities and crafts. The most memorable part of my time abroad
was probably the relationships I formed with people and I met incredible people and probably
also the sites I was able to see. In a new city, new location; I’d been to Spain before but
it was completely different, and one thing that was great about this experience is that
I will continue to grow with the relationships I’ve made with the people there and I know
I’ll keep in touch with them forever, so. I would absolutely recommend study abroad
to any student and every student who has ever thought about doing that. It’s such an incredible
experience, and I think everyone should experience it somehow. My position is an English teacher in Spain,
Valladolid, Spain, and I work for United Cultures, which is, I’m actually the director of it,
and also a teacher there. My role in the internship experience is, first
off, organizing it, find a host family for the student to stay with for the 3 months
they’re over with me, and then organizing which classes they can go in and observe,
help out, and which classes they actually can kind of get in there and teach. I support the students by keeping in touch,
basically, meeting up with them once a week, just to see if they need anything, go over
lesson plans. I try to plan the lesson plans in the beginning of the experience for them,
go over it with them, give them some ideas, and then little by little, let them start
planning lessons. By the end they’re pretty much planning them by themselves, even though
we still meet up and go over them, make sure everything’s ok. I try to go in and observe
Dana a couple times too, observe the students, and give them an idea of, you know, how they’re
doing, what went really well, what they could maybe improve on, give them some ideas on
how to improve. I think it’s important for students to experience
other cultures because it really opens up, opens up your eyes to what’s out there.My name is Song Chenzong. Normally people
just call me Song. The JCC student come to Chengdu YMCA as a volunteer, work for the Chengdu
YMCA, and also we will take them to our schools in the coast side or counties around Chengdu
city. So normally they will be the English teacher to teach English in a school and also
serve the people in the community. Hi, I’m Alyssa Brown and I was an English
Instruction Intern in Chengdu, China. The reason I applied for this internship was
because I actually wanted to pursue a career in teaching abroad when I graduated. Chengdu is a really big city, and I was amazed
by the buildings because they are very colorful, and even though the city’s, like, modernizing,
you can still see bits and pieces of what the old culture used to be like, like you
walk down the street from our apartment and there’s a Buddhist temple. The most surprising part about this internship
for me was the people because they’re just so friendly. Like, they welcomed us with open
arms, and even just walking to work, people walked up to us and be like, “Hi, you’re beautiful!”
and it was great. Working with the Y, it was actually like working
with a family. It was so great like, I never got homesick because of it and you know, because
of Mr. Chenzong Song, you know, Barbara and I felt at home and they took care of us when
we needed it, they fed us great lunches, and they helped us, you know, figure out where all
the nearest grocery stores are and they’re awesome. When we weren’t teaching, we were taken out
by friends to go site seeing in the city on the weekends, and when we had more extended
breaks, we would, you know, visit anywhere from the Chengdu panda reserve to a flight
to Beijing. My trip to Beijing was absolutely fantastic.
The highlight was obviously the Great Wall, hiked it for about 4 hours. This internship
changed my life because it opened my eyes and kind of, like, broadened my horizon to a
more culturally diverse way of life. I’m Barbara Simon, and I taught over in Chengdu,
China for my internship. Well, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,
and I kind of wanted to, like, open my eyes to see what else was out there, so I knew
that I would be teaching a lot which was nice and getting new experience. The most surprising thing about my experience
was that I didn’t get homesick at all because, you know, the people there, everyone at the
Y, like the teachers, your students, like, everyone welcomed you. The food is wonderful. It is, like, Chinese
food here is nothing compare to the food there. You really, you don’t know spicy until you’ve
gone there and had food there, so. Teaching English to all the different age
groups and all the different people was challenging at first, you know, it’s, you have to first
get used to the culture and everything, so you don’t know, like, what to say and what not
to say. After a while it became easier, you know, we got the routine down, we knew how
to handle things and how to handle the students because it’s very different there. So, I would absolutely recommend studying abroad
to other people because it was, it was great. I got to see a bunch of different things,
and do a bunch of different things, and you know, realize things about myself that I didn’t
know before, and you know, I would definitely go back and study abroad and definitely China,
it was great and so I recommend this 100% to anyone.

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