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InternChina Company Video – Award winnning programmes since 2007

‘Literally telling everyone – do it,
do it, do it! Because I’v loved it, it’s great!’ Don’t think twice about it because it’s probably one of the best things you’ll ever do. You’ve met some incredibly great people, immersed yourself in a wonderful culture and you’ve been to a great internship.
So it’s definitely very much worth it. I would 100% recommend this company and this internship to absolutely anyone And, I’ve loved it, every moment Back in 2007, our idea was to give as many young people as possible the chance to experience the ‘real China’ The main focus was Chinese corporate culture but generally we wanted participants to see past preconceptions and have their own unique experience My focus has always been delivering quality programmes with an ethical and transparent approach By generating funded opportunities we’ve achieved significant growth in terms of the scale but for me more importantly, in terms of the accessibility of our China programmes for young people I love working for InternChina because I get the chance to meet and network with such a variety of different companies in different sectors. And it’s really rewarding to see interns gaining so much from their experience and really enjoying themselves in China. I’m proud to be a part of the customer relations team in China because I love welcoming people from all over the world to my city, and introducing them to Chinese culture, whether they stay in an apartment or a host family I came to Chengdu a year ago with InternChina as an intern I am now Chengdu’s biggest English language platform’s general manager I’m so glad I came, it’s been amazing! I first came to China six years ago to Qingdao with InternChina, I lived with a host family for 4 months and then moved to Chengdu 4 years ago. I’m currently the general manager at the British Chamber of Commerce. And it’s been an amazing experience!

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