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Internet Marketing Strategy for Network Marketers that WORKS

hey guys in this video I will be sharing
with you guys the exact formula I used to grow my network marketing business online check this
out alright you guys so I mean a dive right
into it I have a lot of really good information for you guys and i really
think this is gonna open some of your guys is eyes to really see how internet
marketing works and how you can actually grow your business online so what I’m
going to do is walk you through the entire process that I am personally used
to grow my business online that you can use the same exact formula to build your
business so let’s start first of all back talking about network marketing and
what most people do when they first joined a network marketing company or
not even when they first joined by what they will do to build a business to
start he usually that starts with making a list of people right you make a list
of people you write pretty much what we call your warm market which is simply
everybody that you personally family friends color so you write all these
people on this list and then what we do is we started going through this list
trying to find people that we expose our business to alright so we just go
through this this and we do what we were taught to do
maybe you have a presentation is that’s all we do is a numbers game that’s what
it is without any business is a number of how many people can you show your
business in order to the yes right you gotta go through the nose yes now
sometimes me you have somebody might be interested they say hey get back to me
on that so maybe you’ll have somebody lined and joined on a call and make you
might a three-way call it right this is the traditional way to grow in network
marketing business that is using people that you personally know in your life
but here’s the problem with that is that at some point or another this list is
going to dry up especially maybe you’re a go-getter maybe you really have a huge
desire to do business in you just blasted right some people take longer
than others but maybe you are gone through this list and now this is where
your city ran out and maybe that’s why you’re honest video right now so I mean
I commend you because you’re looking for something outside the box and that’s
what I want to show you is using the internet to grow your business instead
of using this traditional way which were used to do so now talk to you about how a lot of
network marketers when they first start thinking about internet marketing and
getting more eyeballs on the opportunity or on their business but they typically
will do when they come on and that is most people have a page like this that
your company gave alright it’s just i general page that most people would get
in it’ll be like a sub domain name dr. company dot com and so what they do is
they try and drive traffic now I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you I haven’t
done this absolutely plus since I’ve learned no internet marketing I’ve also
learned that this is not the right way to do this either and I’m gonna tell you
I reckon so when you get people coming to this website let’s just say you’re really successful
to drive a lot of traffic or use advertising because you really wanted
people to see your opportunity here’s the fact and the fact is that ninety
percent of people are actually two touchdowns this page within 60 seconds
and then what that means is that everyone who actually landed on this
page they did so for a reason because if you marketing to running an
advertisement about your opportunity and they came to your website there was
something in their mind that was interested e your business opportunity now maybe
they came the site and they looked around but actually selling now here’s
why this is a problem right because when they leave your page is exactly what
this is business right and even more so its last month let’s say that they came
on your page in that was the first time they were ever exposed to your business
and maybe they do have an interesting but guess what happens they get lost in
the internet right place and are going to go to go right and they may search
your business opportunity and then whatever comes up here on Google maybe
they do end up joining comparison here who has the opportunity
that they see that’s where they’re going to join what you need to remember is
using page that your company gave you your name email we’re not catching there
any information about this potential lead and now they’re getting lost or
they may never come back again right so what lost business and its lost money for you so the right way how do you actually go
internet marketing how do you build your business using the power of the so what
i mean to walk you through how I grow my business online so the first thing we
know is ok obviously you can’t do anything without traffic so it has to
start with track well how do you do that well you can do
it through several different ways but obviously facebook is a way that you can
do it you can do it through Twitter I mean there’s so many different ways you
can do this through you too and and talk about you and actually how all this ties
in together in the correct way to market your business online alright it starts with providing value
to other people you meet their needs and what are they struggling with so you want to try and
identify problem and then as your job you can provide value to help get a
solution to that and if you can do this if you can do this affected now there’s
obviously a bunch of different social psych you can you talk about and start helping other people guess
what that establishes you start to gain people’s trust they start to feel like
they know like and trust you right and people die from enjoying from people who
know like and trust if you’ve been in network marketing industry but here’s
what I want to talk about about your warm market ok a lot of people say maybe
you’re wanting to jump on line 0 kay well forgive me I’m lucky I’m just gonna
go to the cold market and I’m gonna market my business but none of these
people know you don’t know me you’re watching this video you know my name is
Nathan but you may not know why I highly suggest video marty is that it is
because when you see me you interact with me i’m talking to you when you’re
talking to your potential customers this is what happens is you can actually turn
whole market into a warm market now here’s what’s funny is you know we know
do they know you know you know you put up several different videos no they
don’t know but here’s where the psychology of this country airplay why
if you’re not using video marketing your business you’re missing out because your
warm market they may not know you because you’re using this is the branch
is so you can hear me you can see you can watch and talk when we do this
this is what people feel like things are right now you mean you’re in a way in this video
by me talking with you to go watch anymore my views on YouTube that you
start to get to know right because you watch me see my mannerisms and it’s just
using video this is actually right now is my number one win market online ok so
the most important thing you need to know is that when you’re driving traffic
you need to provide value alright this is the key to driving track is providing
the market right now what we do here is after we learn in a training on how to
drive traffic right by providing value on the internet we drive them to capture
this is why this is so important because remember before we had just aren’t basic
page where people come in capturing air when we capture page right actually
providing something of value that people in order to get to the other side they
have to put in their information right know why is this power because when they
put in their information they need added to our e-mail alright that’s just the
basic of what you need to collect a lot of times I’ll have forms in their right
why this is so powerful is because a network marketing year that the money is
in your list right the same thing goes for internet
marketing with a huge list if you can why because that allows you to follow up
you may have heard fortune is involved same thing because these people came
here to your page they entered their information because they’re interested
potential prospect they entered the information you now have that
information and you can follow now this process you don’t necessarily have to
write an email every single time this happens especially when you start
getting better at internet marketing you learn how to start driving you’re gonna
get people on a daily basis for reaching out to your page so what you’re gonna
have to respond in this was not an addict over and over
and over again and what you’re doing is you’re putting the product that they
were originally interested in in front of their eyes again ok and they can see
it until they decide if they want to be a potential customer right this is what
I do I provide value on the drive them to capture page on the other side of
that captured is something that they want their information right onto an
autoresponder and I automatically follow up with alright that’s the beauty of it
is you don’t have to be there doesn’t matter your system is still working and now here comes the match right you
need to makes it all doesn’t make sense unless you’re not making alright so I’m
gonna tell you exactly how my system right provide sales for me and how I actually
make money online so they capture page news to you need to have a ready to
producing system a system in place all of this step teaches you all the
marketing strategy while the system I use especially for newbies is amazing
and here’s why because a lot of people who marketing online know how important
it is to be an authority well what makes you an authority I would
say providing value right now more value you can provide the more of an authority
figure you want to other people while the system that I uses a meeting because
it actually gives you props right gives you products to give away for free you’re giving away free products and
when you do that to go through page of course they are and then you’re making
ok so now walking through the process that the system that I used that
actually creates income so on the very back and my system I have a video right and the video marketing a product a
membership to get started it costs 10 bucks and this is my trial ok this is a
trial to test it out see if they get enough value system for 10 bucks and at
the end of this $10 at the end of the trial will be charged 150 bucks for an
entire now this is ongoing hey its ongoing $150
now here’s the part about this with this system right is it not only teaches you
how to market not only teaches you how to drive traffic capture pages for they
have done for you cash and has a revenue-producing system sales and make
money business but every time that you make this I would be $100 and thats
month over over and over again now hope you can see how powerful and how quickly
can ask it’s pretty $10 a small amount of them to get in once they see the
value in the system I know there are likely to stay in because massively get
a help them grow their business once they do that and they day I start making
$100 every single month and as you can see that in Adam so I want you to do
three things here that first things first step is you got any value and once you go down
low and just click like for me and help me out and you gotta let me know that
people are actually getting down here now to see this video and you can
actually go through my exact system here see for yourself go download this video
and click the link right and then that is gonna naturally lead you to step
through write your name and email and internet lets you watch the video right
there’s a video on the other side and it’s explained this exact system that
I’m talking about and this is the exact system so once you click that link below
so that it’s going to take you through this exact system that has helped me
grow my business and I know you will probably get some value to learn how to
market in growing your business on so you guys got any value out of this help
me out go down below and click that comes up
and then click that link below in the system and check it out for yourself and
I’ll see you guys next

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