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hi my name’s Andrew Edwards and I’m just
gonna give you over the next 20 minutes some very brief
I view that absolute key points that you need to
know about in step-by-step turns to be successful on the Internet I’m so these issues subject to not just
taking out the absolute critical points that you need
to be aware of such as my background on to the United
Kingdom and there I work for a company called
and wants that you can and then became a leon spirits and it was primarily in business
development and e-commerce but it also included customs is this
finance on the distance I’m very proud to say that over that
period time that I’m this was down to myself yes a 150
million and those with the south but is also %uh absolute I’m important team on really at my at all possible and I and
then I left to become the sales marketing director other the
funds that cool wholesaler and it sends a startup company and yes
schools that’s what’s known e-commerce I again that with the sounds I from $7 million to $14 million on the
side I’m very very happy to 78 that but but I really had I compel injury to live in Australia and ultimately live in Brisbane and
their own I was told I had absolutely not apply
what so ever haven’t even that so I really had given
up hope I it was my dream that was that’s on there
is a small window of opportunity where consultants at me they’re looking
for people with extensive sales and marketing experience and you can take advanced get back and
so I did and you know it was quality on within two years which was a long wait
on all things considered as out but I’ve been here seven years now
and I’m extremely happy to that’s it still be here I am and I
arrived in 2005 laptop on a suitcase the simple as that and I didn’t know anybody I’m I didn’t know what I was gonna do on but
very shortly after arriving a standoff in internet marketing is a sigh I’m seven years ago now I’m training program
isn’t web developers on how to build Google friendly web sites and it was a real I hope not
say to see what web developers added now at
that point I’m and and and we moved on to expand
into other services to keep ahead of the game
we had these is cool focus aunt seduces and not such as you at
words or pay-per-click all sponsored links the top shaded boxes
that you when you search and the ants down the right hand side
that’s what Google Adwords is for anybody who’s not sure and then we needed to internet marketing
results by web sites when the difference between a
conventional website and an internet marketing outside is ice
on conversion principles and bonds numbers and principles and tracking
what’s working and what’s not not not necessarily always the prettiest
look inside one that actually is functional and gets you the results a difference
and everybody needs to be aware that difference on and that we continue to expand its
cool services on other services like mobile home park
10 yet in mobile web sites on and today a very heavy fight is about
this Google Analytics so you need to know what will movie
online and offline marketing and this is your basketball of success I
want of course we do include social media YouTube
LinkedIn Google+ Twitter Facebook et cetera and
we present on that amongst all these other internet
marketing subjects we gonna be I did Anna ice at least a hangin bus knowledge I wrote a long
period of time and to look at the big picture for
businesses is a a really unique standpoint because not many companies
that some look at these multiple on different
marks in at towns and I actually have the advance
knowledge know what’s working because in the end that obviously is not
huge benefit to you and we work with small amount to
businesses as well my experience is that %uh you know I
have found many times I don’t let the hard way live with my money is one of my favorite
phrases and United those who are the most successful
the ones you found the mice and I was very fortunate though of the
one you to find another millionaire world-class mantle’s interns internet
marked in and they told me it must everything
planned out today and gave me the most fantastic ground in intensive I certainly what what suit in I’m and hutu basically go
to for advice I’m invaluable and I continue
to learn something new every day on the internet marketing will
continue to change you know rapid pace and businesses must not get
left behind or they will regret it and I’ve watched
at least 2,373 BDS and professional development videos and
continue to watch one every day so we keep ahead of the
game and I’m trying my team I’m to know
what’s cut in ads and what we get the best results a nice
to spend four times a week on the fun see these million am in Sals
I ask a lot also questions how does this work what does
this do it was this me and i got to know them extremely well
less was literally the only one in the world as arrogance that my son but i’m
absolutely I’m sure that was the case and Leslie not be on the phone four
times a week for three years I’m getting to know what really works in
internet marketing I played a huge price but in terms of money in my time and
that is us mighty the ability to help you in in
a major way to that site on but you’ve got to be very careful who
you listen to it’s not complete minefield and you will
get taken for a ride unless you get night who you cannot
obviously like as well as trust I just employees to are get to know some questions and that
is gonna find out whether people actually really can help you or not I’m and otherwise yes and unfortunately
people will be very happy to take your money I’m not necessarily get the results I
I’m these to about references on and Yemen’s is now the director senior director search Eve night today
and that it will look who’s the senior adviser to Barack Obama the
social media so these into the den min I’ll when I worked with I might be not
just amazingly helpful to me in my
professional development out we also work with lots a small businesses as
well and these to the testimonials on butts
and I can show you here but go to our website and at woodstock
on and you’ll see many more I’m that you can reach me on South Side
on don’t take my word for it and as they say %uh so that we’re gonna
go through the step-by-step process on I whistle-stop to love you like a
love what you need to do to strut your internet marketing
business successfully and the first thing you need to do before you upgrade
your website before you build your new website we change anything on your website it do
you professional he will research the literally does
all-star hiya on because if he does not have the
answers to want to talk about now and then you monthly martino business mind as well as the online
world is concerned on is your customers always obviously
communicate by keyword phrases on life and new have
tonight is there is a month for your business
I’m what’s already in my arms up what’s on it he was present to use in
what problems do they have and what solutions in you offer as a
result see have to customise the website according to what people are searching
for as obvious as that sounds on literally
create your content pages not to be specifically targeted keyword
phrases that people actually output into Google
on and eighty percent all cities and
information-seeking and 20 percent have commercial intent so you know this is no easy task and we
would spend forces and do this professionally so well you can certainly look yourself
on the pupil external key with two just you you external
kingwood to and do not my claims they about you
thinking you can do this yourself easily your iPhone she is not so coaches and
you will get taken for a ride by people that talk about big
numbers in the city’s but they are information see him and not
necessarily going to make you money in any way shape or form step two is actually to do your
competitive research what is happening with your competitors
and I he in many people say on but I don’t have any competitive and
and I side but my you got 10 on Google on for sure even if you got nobody I
house of mine is there’s always gonna be 10
competitors so you have to do this is that too he don’t you making a huge mistake I’m
have to know your rivals weaknesses and strengths I’m because you
need to know what he was phrases that you did not to copy %uh at the website is different but to
get some ideas and see what could be relevant to what you do in what is their strategy on the left hand
side if you do all as we call it the organic cider people
on which is freight but it’s not really
free and because it takes you 12 18 24 months to get that and then you
don’t actually convert anything into across the bow out coming to assign a
lawful widely you gonna deeply regret hi an SEO
company not known that and will give you the
answer that’s what you need to do in a minute see you need to know what
their unique selling proposition is on what are they doing on paid
advertising what marty copulate use in which pages are they sending the ad blitz to and one night prioritized and what’s
that interactivity on social media with
YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ you know what’s working for them on we can read this on anybody’s that’s
the online by implementing this and it’s so so
important and you need to not because it will fast-track your success will literally a Hindu your success and
a massive cost a potentially for many months to come if
you don’t do this and I don’t underestimate what I just said it really is that important on so next
stage is to actually create your website all
or upgrade your website will change a website accordingly to the information that you find things
that ones that too so is your website crap that’s the question and and I don’t mean
that literally I mean doesn’t have contrast on visa and
Parks Commission principles on that must be adhered to
and I promise you not every web developer by any means knows this law implements I’m do you have repetition for your site
people like consistency issue in that it’s working in terms that
the user experience on I you images and text a lie and you
know my again makes these is very easy I’ll to actually find what they need to
on your site and in turn the proximity again how
close images to the text you know where is
your portal action button extremely important and things that you
need to work with the conversion specialist not a website designer I’m necessarily
be is that there’s a huge difference on
while we create web sites we create a website with conversion principle based
in mind not just pretty looking but slides and need to be professional yes but you
also need to know what’s working and what’s not working and so the ass that is that you have to
get if you go to website today a website audit done and it’s like a
thorough checkup with you doctor you need to man how well your site
disrupted and is it designed the right way with
fuel outcome your goals in mind extremely important and what can be improved in
what sense in you that you will have no idea unless this is actually implemented and
we offer a %uh the selected appliance a free re media website view but we also have
not 83 points I’m website reviews Los get it
passed all the details you can imagine for you
online as well as some of my Martin principles so what I should do a website would
include this is the heat map that shows where people’s eyes go interns and your website’s I’m the key
point here is what sorta I key information to your
place in the top left hand corner this is 3 information over the years I’m via
Google and this is now in Google Analytics only
in the past few weeks its power I’ll know you will set up you
can see what’s happening with your website so what are you gonna put in that area that is going to match that
goal on your website and how fast is your
website loaded incredibly I important for your user
experience but also as a small a pupil’s out with them in terms of love
you back on google or not sigh on this is technical stuff you want know
this and this you work with me Abbass professional who
knows well together so actually I’m find this
out for you and funny when asked you to do what in
the website with the sunlit just three examples she points but
there’s many more that I that not too I don’t have the time to cover now so do
you have Google Analytics goal set up I’m and do you have Google Analytics
setup on your website it’s worth thousand dollars but it’s completely
free miss you mean you have to actually have goal set up so you want people to contact you you
have yuan code on the thank you page if you
contact us opens up a little girl is that tracks
all you online and to an extent offline Martin as well
in terms of what’s working and what’s not working and how much cheaper content the you
have on website technical stuff but you won’t know what
it is unless someone knows where to find information on this will hurt you is you will and even a website’s
thoughts every website in the world now and that one no one knows what that is
on certainly didn’t content is not something like in any way
shape or form if you don’t eliminate not you are going to ask struggle to rank
wat you want to rent in the future on Google so and finally on tested as
well as tracking we’re gonna cover that a little bit lighter am but it does she need got any V’s room
and businesses I’m what could you test and track that
can improve your conversion I’m so I mention we we do offer up a
date three point with you also a free website video on with it as
well of course let the people I’m businesses
so walking the track with website analytics
this is a ass summary I’m not gonna read it everything out we but virtually everything can be tracked
we wet analytic so is extremely powerful and
with Google Analytics is completely absolutely Sri sir you can also see which um other web
sites with that and businesses and this is to your
website on what’s your pants like to people like your website that I hate
your website click on any links the toll it takes on
some routes that they don’t that’s what’s known as a pants let on
and cited you can see which social media web sites
and author in business and will cover that light as well but
its social media working for you and this is just an enhanced I view of
what about slight is so if you’ve got an 81 percent translate when he left lane
fifty in eighty you got some serious issues and you need
to know this because it’s not whether I R you think your website right its let your business think it’s
good on so you need to make some changes unless this isn’t I a strategy that you are courtesy
looking for a high that’s right and somewhat ask Anna basically you can find from on Google
Analytics is what she was phrases a search in what what people search in full for your
website and senator what new content new creates I’m that is relevant to you the keyword phrases I that people ASEAN and cited I’m in terms of a social media you can actually on for the first time
ever CD impasse are on your efforts on social
media in terms of dollars on and and you have
to set up the holes but you can see I’ll Facebook YouTube LinkedIn assisted
in a condition weather is the up last likud it’s not
the conversation this is now available i’m for free
Google Analytics you gonna need some professional help to a implement that and understand
what’s really happened I’m site this is something you can’t
ignore any more but let’s assume that you finished your
website I’m you need to promote it now everybody in only goes to the left hand
side and people thinking it’s free but it’s actually 12:18 now 24 months as I’m on a mission for yet and then you
that converts nicely with fries since I’ll qualified
enquiries you gotta be extremely unhappy is you paid someone at night return to actually find that out so
pay-per-click and he do it %uh only three months
without reasonable budgets I unreasonable they say you can’t find
out which keyword phrases actually convert into a qualified lead for sale on and ultimately it’s the quickest way to
you our market your website and your business and it’s the cheapest
market research that you ever do I’m in comparison to Planet
companies do it and you can test two outputs for offline
marketing which will save you thousands of dollars
on and then you can really market to at your business if you have a lot of
traffic on this is very powerful Senate every time they leave your sight but
we’ll see a band love you alls and so it’s hugely impressive in turn
that Brandon and I will definitely not to get you I
internet Lee when they’re ready to make that buying decision so in terms of Advanced Search Engine
Optimization will take place of the platelet I’m I’ve just taken son
mom key point see it as I mentioned earlier
on the video every website has an authority school no one knows what that
is now on but I promise you if you’re not
produce in what do you want I E gotta keep the content problem an ego
and son YS anti-science you learn going to put you
in terms of your results on message ended and this is
known as the Panda updates she subjects but I’m just the touching
upon here now but if your description tags other signs
another web site which is basically every time you search
on Google does the Titans tight with the blue link at the top and the description tag
as underneath and if you have for any reason
duplicated the on description tag at competitor and
they were the original then you are going to
put himself in ways that you have no idea about if you’re trying to get ranked on people
in the future and you can over optimize your website as well so that was a penguin at night recently
that essentially will on penalize those you are not I am actin naturally and in the words of
people and if you gots not paid links them unnatural links and manufactured let’s
come into your website then you’re gonna again south of us at the plant is from
the los 20 I also need to know I over optimize in
with the keyword phrases in what’s known as the and protects that partner links that
come into your website from external sites on big subjects that
these are really the key points to be aware of I’ll unsigned something SEO as well
you’ve got 38 pages for you uses and not just the SCI purposes and you must have
a on Google Webmaster Tools account which
is completely free and and he gonna a Google account just
not Google Webmaster Tools and issue not a technical information
that is critical to note the only place people will tell you what is
actually working or not working on your website on and you need to do a
little bit more than your competitors and that’s all because that’s what
people see is natural on and so this is just a brief on my not that I put together about social
media which you you will now do it alongside the lessee
I’m in your paper clip thingy shouldn’t leave it until after what you should do this
alongside and so what you talkin I’m Google+
YouTube Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter but what about that analytics inbuilt to
the system so you can see what’s happening on that site on but you need to get people of the
social media as fast as possible on while collecting their first many
e-mount before they do that I’m by given some the way for free and
send them to your blog because social media in show is this is
a conversation starter and your blog is the credibility builder
so that’s where they get to know like and trust you and then you can some legal stuff on
your website I’m nine times out of ten in appliance
that’s right away they might like it some of those on on
social media well eternal actually sell your stuff
all the time it’s not going to work for you and then the track my Google Analytics
and the social media reports is social media eating you return on
investment that its a obviously intended to do I’ll but this is absolutes fact as much as it
can be at this stage because on this issue I’m I like takin I’m the trusted who on soon actions that you can monitor and you can see willing yes this is work
in network in place work in more than on youtube or Google+
work in more than Facebook I’m it will tell you all this
information in Google Analytics said yes very briefly what’s new what’s cutting-edge I’m when we played
in this video on that people now have the opportunity
to pay for Facebook posts the be mistaken
that’s a angry Facebook post that you made in the past be seen by the people who I’m like you or basically a fans and yours that never
be in that case it so that interaction and so that’s
cool now they’ve given thanks to be giving you the opportunity to house %uh specific sorry advertise the city hosts the three days that can
get you a bigger man explains aside for example is that a
sixteen-percent people seen it you can get fifty five or sixty percent
or 80 percent there’s no guarantees amber eighty percent of people who a
your you’d like to business management now
site arm this this is cutting-edge this is
Brandon I’ll and Google+ we just can’t ignore I I’m not that it’s some time this video
something lot 295 million users and this is growing at a rapid
pace and as every chance that in three years
it’ll be bigger on Facebook so don’t underestimate you at La because this is different to Facebook is about
passion that interest is also going to be a major and it today a major power a search engine
optimization when you mow into your Google account if you have a
number of people in your a suit was as they call it on Google+
and you build that up when you put up valuable free content and you’re gonna get found on Google and
the next 12 to 18 months like you probably never get found again
because this is the honeymoon period this is your
opportunity and it’s a superb system and it’s also
being used now might buy my two companies a 55,000
employees as an internal communication system if
you’re let’s leave that for market and finally in Centereach you I’m the
I’m the way that YouTube account looking at
its finest and Tyler this video if they’re looking at how long to people
watch videos for as part of the team ranking analysis is
not just now about use all you know where you got the act
he was lies in the title tag and many other up the road with them that’s not yet you
know the night nobody knows everything but they don’t really know constantly
looking at how long the people watch videos for because ultimately
that’s all about the user experience and it helps the advertising as well side finally what should you test and many many
different things that you can’t test I’m in terms of increasing your
conversion on your website you could change your company’s pipeline
you could change your headline and not alone could increase your
conversions by 1.2 percent if not more on looking at your mark the
coffee incident at the introductory test tax out what you offer change your offer look at your guarantee CA people prefer
something difference and then obviously what you call to
action test test just by Tenzin that we have a huge impact on your conversion side I hope that’s useful and if you got
any questions I’m please outs and untreated
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