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Interns At Work – Erin Hood

my name is Aaron hood I’m a rising
junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles California in this summer
I’m working in the marketing and public relations department at the Princeton
University Art Museum so the main projects I’ve been working on this
summer have been creating social media content especially kind of introducing
more Instagram stories I’ve been writing the biweekly newsletter for the museum
and also doing a lot of research work for the upcoming exhibition nature’s
nation but my primary project has been creating this video series documenting
the experiences of all the interns what I think is really special about this
internship is the resources that are extended to us as interns and I think it
really highlights the Princeton University aren’t easy ins commitment to
preparing a new generation of museum officials because this internship it is
not only paid but it also provides you a free housing which to be frank is very
rare and a reason why sometimes internships are very inaccessible to
college students and it can’t be understated how valuable and appreciated
that is

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