#InternsAtWork: Veronica Brown, Marketing & Public Relations Intern
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#InternsAtWork: Veronica Brown, Marketing & Public Relations Intern

I’m Veronica Brown. I just graduated from Smith College, and this
summer, I’m working at the Princeton University Art Museum in the Marketing & Public Relations
department. I’ve helped to prepare for the promotion of
several upcoming shows, including Epic Tales from India and an exhibition of contemporary
South Asian art. I’ve also contributed to the Museum’s social
media presence, including by creating the Snapchat. I also made a number of videos about the Museum,
including a series about artisans featured in the Museum Store and one about a Richard
Serra sculpture on campus. I’m interested in questions of accessibility
and museums, and also how museum can serve as a resource to their local community. It’s been especially interesting to see how
the Princeton Museum negotiates its relationship with the University and its commitment to
serving the broader community.

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