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Internship at Liden & Denz

Vsem privet! Hi everyone! Did you know that at Liden & Denz not only can you take lessons of Russian but also do something useful for your cv by making an internship. Our interns and Liza Chugunova answered some of the most frequently asked questions about internship! You need to go to our website. See the positions that are currently offered in St-Petersburg and in Moscow. Select once there is an interesting one for you and just send us your cv. At least 12 weeks. And the selection is made at least 8 weeks prior to when the internship starts. I’m a social media content assistant, that means my main responsibility is social media. I take pictures for Instagram everyday, update Facebook, Twitter. It’s a lot of fun, because it is really diverse. I have every day something new. So I really enjoy it. We write in english or in German. Yes, I work a lot in German as well. I do a lot of translations. I am basically doing videos for the school. It depends on the week, we have a few categories on Youtube. A few weeks ago, it was about the History of language. Yes, we are making some fun videos as well! We try to enroll students and interns. And that is why a couple of weeks ago we made a video about Russian food. I think that our interns have lots of fun recording videos! I was really interested in studying and working. I mostly wrote articles for the blog. I mostly wrote about things that interested me. I rock climb a lot. I also read so I wrote about climbing and Russian literature And I also wrote about language based on things that I am personally interested in. And other times we would all stay at school and do something together. I got to school at ten every day and have 4 hours of classes, from 10 to 2. and did the internship from 2 to 6. Because I really liked the internship programme and the really good combination of language courses and working in the afternoon. I thought it was a really good way of learning about culture and brushing up on my Russian language skills. I wanted to visit Russia. It was the perfect combination! Oh I had a tons of fun! We had a great group! Good times! I would definitely come back! Liden & Denz internship programme is a great opportunity to immerse into Russian lifestyle and Russian culture while getting an experience in creative writing, social media management, video production, webmarketing and other areas. We are excited to produce high-quality, unique and reliable content, and our interns contribute to our digital content production by sharing their authentic experience of living in Russia and learning Russian in the blog posts and videos. So join our professional and motivated team, make friends, be brilliant at what you are good at, give your future career a kick-start and turn your stay in Russia into a life-changing experience.

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