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Internship in Japan | Education Company internships experience

When I was in Japan I worked for an
education company. It’s basically… it was… It is an international language company that teaches Japanese to foreigners from all over the world. Most of my tasks involved working at the reception welcoming new students every Monday when they came in helping all the other staff members at their tasks and I
got the opportunity to learn from all of them all the different various jobs that
go into working in a company like this. I think more so than having a single greatest achievement at the company it was more of being able to learn this
complex job where it’s hard to finish a single task because there’s always
another task waiting for you and you’re jumping between activities from time to
time. I think after two months of being able to master a job like that
was my greatest achievement here. I feel like I grew a lot I learned a lot about
time management about working with people who have different personalities
of you as well as working in an international environment.
I think ICC did a really good job trying to match me with an internship
because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and this internship allowed
me to practice a lot of different skills that will be applicable all throughout
the rest of my career.

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