Internship Insight: Live Nation with Lauren LaCava ’19
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Internship Insight: Live Nation with Lauren LaCava ’19

♪ Hi My name is Lauren and I’m a senior
here at Endicott College. For this fall semester, I’m interning
at Blue Hills Bank Pavillion with Live Nation doing their marketing and their V.I.P. area. Live Nation as one of the world’s
biggest entertainment industries. We do ticketing for concerts all over the nation
and specifically here in Boston. What I’ve learned so far is that although
social media takes us a really long way, it’s also important to keep personal connections
and market through that. I think the internship is a great
stepping stone and learning experience. It really teaches you how to be responsible,
be on time for a job, maybe have to work a little bit off hours checking your e-mails. It really is a great stepping stone after graduation. I hope you guys enjoyed an inside look at
my internship experience.

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