Internship Leads to Job Before Graduation
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Internship Leads to Job Before Graduation

– Part of the rebrand we need
to find new collateral images to use for our corporate initiatives. I was wondering what you guys
think of these sort of images. They were originally sent, yeah. – I like this one. My name is Heather. I am a Marketing Associate Coordinator. I am currently employed
at Oxford Corporate. It’s a hotel chain. They currently have 16 properties
throughout the Northwest. At work, I am managing
social media profiles, editing websites. I get to go to the hotel
and interact with the hotel and take pictures, and I feel proud that I get to tell their story and make sure that they’re heard. I had no idea what kind
of job I would have right after graduation. Having a job before I
graduated has been amazing. My dream was to open up my own pastry and cupcake shop for awhile and then bloomed more into a fine dining, wine and chocolate kind of restaurant. I don’t know; I was very
passionate about it, but I knew that’s not a
long-term option for me, so I kinda grew from that and really got more interested in hotels and then corporate hospitality and that’s really where my passion lies. Before I went to college, honestly I didn’t even
know that Bend existed. I grew up in Fremont,
California, in the Bay Area. I made the switch to Bend specifically for the hospitality program. With the amount of resorts
and hotels and restaurants, Bend is, it’s the perfect place
for the hospitality program and then the outdoor lifestyle that it comes with is also a plus. I love hiking and going
outdoors, kayaking, and camping, and learning while doing in
this town has been great. At the OSU Cascades campus, you can have your own personal life and do things outside of the college, and it’s not all about the college. Some of the benefits to doing internships is you get to know different companies and more connections within the community and that’s your lead in. You already know the company. I technically had three internships. I got the internship with
Oxford during my junior year. The Oxford’s VP of
Marketing came to our class and then I talked to her afterwards and was really nervous to ask for it, but I think I’ve been here
for almost a year now. At the end of my internship
here I did a presentation on all of what I did
here in my internship. Not only did they offer me
a job, they gave me the pick of whatever avenue I wanted
to take within their company. So working for the Oxford has been amazing because they’ve invested in me and I’m just so proud
to work for a company that supports the program also. Their donations have directly
benefited all of the students. I feel like having the degree I have all this experience in my belt and all this knowledge in my backpack. I’m very confident in the decision that I made to go to OSU Cascades. It’s just been a great experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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