Internship Opportunities at the Census Bureau
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Internship Opportunities at the Census Bureau

[MUSIC] I remember the first step that
I took in the Census Bureau was that feeling of intelligence. You feel proud of that… that you’re a part of
the U.S. Census Bureau. I thought the Census Bureau
might just be full of, you know, nerds and statisticians
doing stuff. But, there are so many — there’s over 4,000
people who work here. And everyone is doing
something different. And you know that the
work that we do here — it may not effect you
personally, but it’s going to effect people back home in
your neighborhood, in your city. [MUSIC] I studied at the University
of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Recently graduated
from a bachelor in Business Administration. I go to WVU, West
Virginia University, and I’m majoring in accounting. I attended Howard
University in Washington, D.C. I attended the School
of Business and I graduated with a bachelor’s
degree in marketing. I go to school at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and
I’m a math major. I go to school online
with Capella University and I’m getting my PhD
in Business Leadership. [MUSIC] I’m part of the STEP
internship program. I came in under Minority
Access Incorporated. The internship program I’m
doing is called Oak Ridge Associated Universities. And it’s a partner of
the Department of Energy that runs a lot of
national internship programs for science students. I’m hired by the
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. It’s also know as HACU. [MUSIC] This was really the first
opportunity I ever got to work as a member of the workplace. I really never knew
what people did when they sat at desks all day. And this is my first chance to actually see the different
tasks people could do, and how to work in a
professional environment, and interact with people. The skills I that
I’ve learned here is to develop a strong
sense of independence. Moving to a new city is always
a big challenge for people; they’re always scared to
take on that new step. But, it’s been a great
and rewarding experience. I’ve learned about the
ways different generations communicate, because it’s
hard sometimes coming in as a younger worker. I got the opportunity
to work with statistics and survey analysis,
and it gave me a chance to look beyond what I’m
already studying in college, to look to something I could
do maybe in the future. [MUSIC] I work in Partnership and Data
Services in the Field Division. The Center for New
Media and Promotions. Communications Directorate. I work in ADP, which is part
of the Economic Directorate. I’m working for CSM, which is
Center for Survey Measurement. Some of my responsibilities
include creating an office brochure about PDS and
also I was in charge of social media activities
for the regions. I’ve been doing a
lot of research on the different ways
we collaborate — like there’s a new software
they’re thinking about doing and then some research
about Yammer, which is like Facebook,
but for businesses. Working on the 2010 Census,
doing quality assurance to make sure that people
weren’t counted twice. Basically, what we do,
we explore new ways of communicating through social
media and promotional campaigns. I’ve gotten the opportunity
to work on press releases, which is basically
letting the public know about the new data
statistics that just came out. My main responsibility
throughout this summer is research on business
activities in Puerto Rico. I’ve assisted in
coordinating everything from intern activities,
intern career fairs, and composing the resume
book for hiring managers. [MUSIC] You come here and individuals
want you to succeed. They want to know what
are your career goals, what are your career objectives. And at that point, at that time, they immediately start
connecting you with, whether it be people in
their department or people in other departments
that can help you get to where you want to
end up ultimately. The atmosphere of the
Census Bureau compared to other government agencies
is definitely more lively. It’s very colorful. There’s tons of interns
here, which makes it kind of a friendlier environment. I have other people
I can talk to. The atmosphere at the
Census is amazing and what I like the most is the
diverse workforce. [MUSIC] Forget New York,
forget California — D.C. is where it’s at. You got sports. You have the nightlife. You have the culture,
you have the history. Anything that excites you about
a city, you can get right here in Washington, D.C. There’s
so many opportunities like all the museums downtown. Most of them are free because
they’re part of the Smithsonian. One really nice thing about
working here is that I go out with my friends
sometimes after work. And you can just take
the metro anywhere. You can just enjoy kayaking
on the Potomac River. Going out to eat at
several local restaurants. Visiting local jazz
bars and entertainment. The Washington, D.C. area
is the place you have to be. [MUSIC] If someone was looking to
apply for an internship at the Census Bureau, I would
say definitely go for it. There are ton of intern
opportunities here that I don’t think you
could get at another place. If you’re interested in finding out how information
is generated, analyzed and distributed, then the
Census Bureau is the right place for you. Go for it. You’ll have a lot of fun. The culture is great and you’ll
definitely have a good time. When you’re looking
for some place to work, the Census is definitely a
melting pot of opportunity in general just to be
the best you can be. [MUSIC]

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