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Internship Program at HCSC

Music I have the privilege of working in other areas of healthcare; in the hospital and
a physician’s office. But I think
insurers are the least understand component of our healthcare system and
so I wanted to really experience it and get a better understanding. Really, really cool to be on this side and
learning kind of how all those pieces of the
puzzle like fit into place. It’s really
multi-layered, more layered than I thought it was. It’s definitely a big
pond. It’s very interesting to be at a
place where there are thousands of people but it’s great in that I do feel
the community in terms of the people that I work with. I entered here last
year and I love the company and culture so much that I decided to come back for
a second time. Every single person that
I’ve met here it’s always willing to answer any questions that I’ve had or
offer any advice to help me grow and learn more about the company. I like the fact that they are appealing to
Millennials here. They’re trying to like
compete with the tech startups they’re doing a really good job because like I
don’t wake up like all my gosh I gotta go to internship I wake up like I’m
going to my internship. I have a smile on
my face on the train. I’m going in I’m
like, great! Lattes with Leaders. It’s an
opportunity to connect with senior leadership here at HCSC. We have the
opportunity to hear their story and ask them different questions about their
journey of HCSC. I’m getting really
positive feedback from the executives. It was very rewarding and unbelievable that you know little interns could change
ideas and really create a product that could in the future be implemented here. The fact that I was recognized for the work
that I did and my boss was telling me I was doing a good job. My interns we know
we bounce back and forth so I definitely didn’t feel at any moment in time that I
was just sitting here being an intern or given busy work per se. I felt like I
really did a job. I really did it well. Everybody gets a moment, everyone can ask
questions. You never feel less than or
you feel like a question’s dumb. Everyone’s
there to really help you I hope you grow as a person. What I would tell someone
who’s thinking about interning HCSC is, one to do it but then to also not be
afraid to talk to as many different people as possible. There’s so much going
on at this company that really there’s a role for you no
matter how unique you think you are and there’s space for you to use that.

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