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Internships at CamBioScience

Hi, I’m Kristi and I am on a doctoral
training program with BBSC and at the University of Leicester I currently work
in Dr. Mallin’s lab working on epigenetics and social insects focusing
on pesticides in Bumblebee’s. I wanted to do an internship so that I could gain
additional skills to help further my doctoral research as well as give me a
more well-rounded skillset for opportunities after I graduate and I
also wanted to learn more about the range of opportunities that are
available outside the lab after I graduate I was really excited to find an
internship in a company that was based on advancing science and cutting-edge
technologies and I also wanted to do an internship that would help me find and
develop skills that I wouldn’t normally gain inside academia which I thought CamBioScience would really help me with. I hope to develop my employability by
learning through a high quality work experience in an academic setting
I really hope to develop my scientific communication skills which will
definitely help my doctoral studies and they also hope that I will gain
experience in marketing and sales because this will definitely help my
future career options

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