Internships at St. Lawrence: Oscar Castillo ’19
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Internships at St. Lawrence: Oscar Castillo ’19

(gentle music) – I grew up in New York City, and I guess, to sort of like
stay out of trouble I became really interested,
I fell in love with museums. I was like 10 when I visited the American Museum of Natural History. I realized there that I was
like “wow, I really like museums.” St. Lawrence University provides an internship program over the summer. It’s Public Interest
Corps, so it’s students who are motivated to work with
non-profits around the area. My name is Oscar, this is– – [Teya] Teya. – I’m working with the
North Country Children’s Museum, and for over five years already they’ve been hosting weekly
educational programs. You can use scissors to cut
specific shapes and sizes. They go by Museum Without Walls, so they don’t have a building yet but they will soon in early 2018 and I’ve been helping them
throughout the process of obtaining a building, it’s pretty cool. I don’t know, at 20 years
old I never saw myself being part of a museum
that’s currently being built. And then right where
we’re standing is gonna be– The summer after my
freshman year in college I wanted to work at the American
Museum of Natural History where I originally had that moment that I really wanted to do museum work. I gave tours there to camp
groups, so it was children there, it was my first time
working with children. After that summer it just became, you know, this is what I wanna do, and then I took a museum education course with Sharon Williams who’s the director of the North Country Children’s Museum and I told her about that experience and she was like “Wow,
you gotta work with me, I’m trying to build a museum up here so children here can have the
same opportunity you had.” And so I was like “Yeah, definitely.” I saw myself in it, every time
I work with children up here, I think about how privileged I was growing up in New York City, and over here students do not
have the same opportunity. Perfect. Just being involved in this, I feel like I’m giving back already and it’s been such an
honor to be a part of this.

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