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The atmosphere here is great – it’s wonderful.
Especially for interns. Every day is a new challenge, and I learned as I went. You know,
it wasn’t like you need to know this, you need to know this before you can do that. You develop into a really great leader here, and a great partner and team member because you
have the opportunity to thrive. At school, it’s mostly just assignment after assignment,
but here I actually get to see the real world impact of my work. I find that really rewarding.
I’ve been able to sort of experience what a lot of the other full-time members have
experienced here, and I don’t think I would get this experience anywhere else. It’s really
specific to, you know, your individual goals, and it’s not you have to do this, this, and
this. It’s like, “well what do you want to get from this?” I really like the casual atmosphere
here. I just feel comfortable walking up to any other team member and just getting help from them, and I’ve learned a ton. And that’s one thing that I so love about Buckeye because everyone here is so supportive. Like, if I need help with different projects, tasks, design, development, whatever, I am not afraid to ask. I’ve realized that the culture here
is totally different from most jobs. We have spaces where it allows different ideas and different perspectives to kind of thrive. You know, we are not treated like your typical intern. We’re just treated like part of the team, which is nice. I don’t feel like an intern. I just feel like I am a part of the team.

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