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Internships — Erica Hernandez

During my sophomore year I interned at the
digital arts experience it’s located in White Plains New York it’s 10 minutes
away from Manhattanville. I interned in Westchester Magazine which is in Rye New
York, also really close to campus. And my last semester as a senior I interned at
Quarterly USA in Manhattan New York. For my last semester when I interned at
quarterly USA I was the assistant of the senior graphic designer and I was the
design intern there. I worked in numerous projects and what I like the most about
it is that we also partner with Mexico, Brazil, Paris, and Canada. I also worked
with the PR and marketing team in various campaigns for the different
lines that the company was launching. They had a new moisturizing line where
they wanted to rebrand the whole thing and it was basically me reformatting and
standardizing all the press releases, partnering with different candy
companies for marketing events in Canada and also in the office in New

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