Internships & Graduate Stories at Canstar
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Internships & Graduate Stories at Canstar

It’s a program that we brought in about five years ago and it’s been very successful. Our interns come from the local universities. Particularly around Brisbane it’ll be QUT, UQ, Griffith. I joined Canstar back when I was at uni because I was part of an internship program and I was looking for a role where I could get some more skills in the digital space as I wanted to develop in that area. The students we get for the internship program studying various disciplines. So we’ve had people from Finance, Economics, Marketing, Human Resources. I’m studying Law and Business Management at UQ at the moment and a part of that degree is a practical component where you need to find an internship. I think the biggest highlight for me was getting to work on the new Paid Parental Leave policy. It was really great to work on a policy that would impact all the employees at Canstar quite positively. As a Graduate Developer, Canstar is such a great platform for me to adapt myself from a graduate into a professional. At university you get to, you know, sit down all day and listen to lectures, attending tutorials But in corporate life you actually have mentors and these mentors they provide such a great support and they allow you to make mistakes and improve upon those mistakes. From the interns point of view I think when they come in to Canstar the managers are looking forward to actually having the interns come in and they’ll fight over, you know, which projects they want to give them. We actually get our interns working on real-life projects. My favourite thing about working with Canstar was the ability to have responsibility for a task. I always had the opportunity to really voice whatever I wanted to in terms of new ideas. They were always asking for me to think outside the box and if I had any inspiration just to let them know and they would implement it. When I was offered the full-time position, it was actually extremely exciting. They had an opening as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. It was a great opportunity while still at uni, and so I took it and I never looked back. It was quite surprising getting offered a job. I sort of came here thinking that it was just the internship and you’re here for a set period but it was good to know that, you know, they appreciated my work and they wanted me to stay on. The best thing for me has been working in such friendly and ambitious teams. Everyone at Canstar is really trying to move the company forward. As well, as working in HR and legal teams has given me a really good variety of work. So each day I’m sort of doing something different and that’s been a really enjoyable bit.

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