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Internships in CLA

My name is Monica Delgado. I am a junior studying political science within the College of Liberal Arts. My summer internship is at Smith Partners, which is an environmental law firm in downtown Minneapolis. I work with the Cedar Riverside partnership, primarily–a really innovative public-private partnership that Smith partners serves as counsel to. Beyond that I also work with the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership. In that role I am working on a mobile app to promote transit for college students. I’m Brandyn DeMers, and I’m in the College of Liberal Arts and I’m studying different aspects, trying out different majors towards a business career in the business field. And right now I intern for the Minnesota Children’s Museum, as you can tell by all the traffic behind me. Our whole campaign here within the Children’s Museum is all about play. And we want adults as well as children to come in and play. That’s all what we’re all about. Some of the duties I do within the Children’s Museum as a marketing intern is helping out with social media, going out and kind of expanding our growth as a museum and our name –thinking about not just now but the future of what we’re going to be and what the Minnesota Children’s museum is really all about. My name is Zamzam Abdirahman. I studied biology, society and environment at the University of Minnesota and actually graduated this May. I currently work as a community health intern for Hennepin County Public Health Department. Typically what we do is like kind of an assortment of different things. The first thing that we started with was beach sampling. So we go to different beaches in Hennepin County and take samples to check the levels of E.coli. We also do pool inspections, lodging inspections, food inspections, and vending inspections. I’m really looking for some sort of career in public service and my experience with Smith Partners has really shown me that the aspects of this job that I love are those that are really on the ground. But it’s also showed me that there are a lot of ways to engage in public service, so it’s really expanded my options as I look forward in my career trajectory. I feel the liberal arts experience gives you more of a global perspective so you’re able to think more critically, you’re able to be curious and discover more in the intricacies of the world around you. The various fields that liberal arts students study makes them uniquely qualified for a position like this. Public health is where science meets society and so having a degree that covers all of those areas is very transferable. You know the key about the liberal arts is the breadth of one’s education. You are exposed to the sciences, humanities, and the broad human interests that prepare you for life and also really ideally prepare you to communicate well. I found this internship by going to the Career and Internship Fair that was provided by the University of Minnesota. When I was there I met with two people that were from the Minnesota Environmental Health Association, which recommended me for the position. CLA 1001 & 1002 kind of veered me on this path of, “hey internships are good thing,” and so I checked out GoldPASS. I uploaded my resume, uploaded my cover letters, and voilà! I got an interview here, and it’s been my second internship. And I’ve loved every minute of it so far. Advice that I would give to students who are in their internships is: network. Network! Network! When you’re in meetings or if you ever seen an unfamiliar face, someone you don’t know, go up introduce yourself strike up a conversation and just meet as many people as you can. Just be open to something that might fit, something that you might be interested in. You never know where your career is going to lead you. My personal motto is to not close any doors on myself. Treat your internship like a real job. Begin with the end in mind. If you’re going to want a referral or a reference that’s going to help you in your actual job search later, make sure you’re doing your due diligence. Make sure you’re actually treating this like a job. Appreciate your time there because, I mean you did get picked to be an intern, and you’re not less valuable than any other person in the department. So definitely, you know, do as much as you can. Show that you’re really interested in the position. And who knows? You might be able to do what they’re doing.

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