Internships: Kayla ’18 @ Puma
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Internships: Kayla ’18 @ Puma

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Kayla Humel. I am a senior marketing
major, and I’m interning at Puma this summer. I’m the finance and
operations intern, and so the department does
a lot of different things. My team works heavily
on the budget. We’re currently trying
to create a tool that takes all the budgets
into one so we can look at them all at the same time. And so I’ve done a lot
of work with that– just testing the tool, making
sure it works correctly. I definitely lucked out a lot. And I was able to get an
internship that was paid, which is a huge deal. And it’s right by
Government Center, so it’s right off the T,
super easy to get there in the morning. So it’s really nice. I actually found the internship
through a Simmons alum. She was the intern last spring. And so then I came
in for the interview, and my supervisor
literally told me that a part of the reason
that he brought me in was because of that
recommendation. Because Isabella had
been a phenomenal intern, and if she was great,
and she was from Simmons, he knew I’d be the same
way, that kind of thing. And so it all really
worked out from there. Simmons has given me a
really good work ethic. The professors have
taught me to roll with it, whatever I’m given. Just learn along the
way, and be OK with that, be comfortable with that. So there’s been a lot
of times here where I don’t know how
to do something, and because of my
experience at Simmons, I’ve been able to say, listen,
I don’t know how to do that. Can you explain it to me? And then I’ll gladly
do it for you. Interning at Puma showed
me how much it matters the people you work with and
the company you work for. Because if you can come
into work every day and like your job or
like your internship, it makes such a big difference. There was another
Simmons student that was just looking
at an internship, so I told my
supervisor about it. And he said, listen, I don’t
even need you to play her up. If you’re recommending her,
that’s good enough for me. And it just shows that if you’re
a hardworking individual, then it’s going to pay off. People are going to
see you that way, and they’re going to take your
recommendations seriously. And it’s kind of started a
chain now for Simmons students. He’s seen two Simmons students
come in and be hard workers. Now he’s willing to reach out
to our friends and everything. So I think that’s cool. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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