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Internships @ Liquid

Liquid My experience with Liquid has been really great. I’ve learned a lot of really great
things and I’ve also been able to apply what I learned at school. I’ve learned a lot from Liquid. You know that, I’ve learned definitely how to do things in
this line of work but I’ve also learned a lot about work ethic. I’ve learned various
things from Liquid, most importantly the business process in the general work environment.
The people here at Liquid are very passionate about what they do, and it allows me to get
excited and work my best on projects. The people at Liquid are really one of the
main reasons that I got to make the most of this experience.
Everyone’s really fun, its just like an easy going office atmosphere. Everyone gets a lot
of work done, but also has fun and enjoys themselves while doing it.
Its very easy to get immersed into the culture here.
I feel like Liquid prepared me a lot, to start my career.
They’ve set forth a solid foundation for me in my field, and given me all the things that
I needed to lay down a solid foundation for whats to come in the future.
But probably the biggest thing that I’ve gotten out of this experience is actually been the
connections that I made here at Liquid and from working with clients out in the field.
Liquid Interactive is a really unique company there is so many different departments. We
have video department, digital marketing, design, creative, everything like that comes
together at Liquid. I love interning at Liquid.

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