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Internships – Michael

The internship I have now takes place all around southern California anywhere from San Diego, Huntington, Los Angeles… Just this summer I took a trip up to Oregon and Washington for a sanctioned downhill skateboard race with this company. So it really is up to the company, who you get with and where they want to go and if they want to bring you along. So I feel very fortunate to have been taken on that trip. There was never really a position to begin with. There was never a job opening. I had to go and offer it to them and pitch to them why they needed me. It was maybe a hand full of other people are trying to do filming and editing within this little nitch and so I thought, “Hey if it’s kind of untapped right now why not me? Why can’t I do this too?” It’s tricky balancing an internship with a part-time job with x amount of units. It’s definitely a balancing act. You feel like you’re going to fall apart sometimes. It’s a bit overwhelming, but if you can organize your time well it’s doable. Start as soon as possible. Network as soon as possible. Give your business card to everyone. Bug people. Offer your services. The job’s not going to come to you. You have to go out and get it. People argue that you don’t need a degree in order to be successful, but you need that experience through school. It gives you a buffer of time to make those mistakes and learn before you get out into the real industry. Otherwise you go out and you’re flying blind. You have no idea what you’re doing. A year from now I hope to be doing exactly what I’m doing, filming and editing within the action sports industry, but venturing further into the documentary side of things. Possibly going to do more traveling outside of the country. I’d like to be able to apply my art to giving back, working with some charities, working with some organizations in which rather than showing everything bad that’s going on in the world and all the chaos and whatnot rather show the progress that’s being made to fix some of those things. That’s what I’d really like to be able to do.

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  1. All B-Roll footage (the stuff other than the interview) was filmed by Michael for his unpaid internship. We just captured his story can combined it with the assets that he had.

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