Internships Turn Into Full-Time Positions — BoomTown! and College of Charleston
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Internships Turn Into Full-Time Positions — BoomTown! and College of Charleston

– [Jake] It’s extremely
amazing to be able to work here in Charleston,
South Carolina. It’s actually known
as Silicon Harbor now because of the uprising
in the tech scene. – [Will] BoomTown is
a software company and we specialize in
marketing software for real estate
agents and brokers. If it wasn’t for my
internship that I completed at BoomTown during my
time at the college, I probably wouldn’t be
at BoomTown, currently. I was in Dr. Pans
e-tourism class in the fall of my junior year and our current digital
marketing director, Rivers Pearce, came
in as a guest speaker and gave a great speech about
search engine optimization. After class I went up
and introduced myself and got his card, and
the following spring, when I was looking
for internships, I
shot him an email, came in for a couple
of interviews, and
the rest is history. – [Jake] I was really excited
to learn that the internship that I was offered was
going to be a paid one. About a year before graduating,
I put up a job posting on the Charleston
Digital Corridor and a recruiter at
BoomTown contacted me. Soon after that, they sat
me down for an interview, and I really just loved it. It’s a pretty amazing
place to work. – [Will] Starting with
such a small company was great because it
allowed me the opportunity to perform task that
I probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to
do at a larger company. I was contributing
value to our company but also to our clients. – You get your foot in the
door with a great company. You get paid while you’re there. What I liked most was that I was really learning a
skill on the job. – [Will] That internship allowed
me to gain the experience and the skill set that BoomTown was looking for from
a full time hire. – [Jake] The College
of Charleston and especially the computer
science department prepared me amazingly to
excel here at BoomTown.

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