Internships USA – Testimonial video #1
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Internships USA – Testimonial video #1

Hi, I am Claudia, I am 22 years old and currently I live in New York And nowadays I am living in New York How did I make it? I am a graduate in Business Administration I graduated last summer And once I graduated I decided To go abroad To work abroad and have an international experience before coming back to Spain then I applied with Spain Internship because they seemed really reliable they told me that my profile was fitting really well to the program and what companies were looking for. I have been making an internship in marketing previously before graduating in a pharmaceutical company and then we started the proccedure and got accepted into the program so I had the first interview with the american staff I made few meetings and after 1 week I had already the first company I made the interview (they) helped me a lot to prepare it I made the interview, I was selected so we started the process for the documentation many things to prepare but it was easy with their help so it is not hard to arrange, just a bit patience it is not hard just a bit slow Then, when I had everything ready and the appointment in the embassy to go to New York I was about to leave just in the last phase of the process where you just need to make the passport Then when I had something beofore going to Madrid I was called that the company who hired me lost an important customer so they could not host me I was feeling really bad in the beginning I was thinking that everything was not going well I called Spain Internship very upset and dissapointed I had everything ready and then suddenly I did not have the company so everything I expected my dream of being NY was going down I always had clear I wanted to go to NY Please, lets solve it there. At that moment, I thought it was not going to happen Then, they told me not to worry that they would arrange something asap And in less than one week I had another company I made another interview and in the end this company was much better than the first one, conditions were even better even better to my needs then, I can say it ended up well Then I was selected And all the process was a bit delayed but in the end I am so happy because I love the company 10 days before starting working I arrived in the beginning of december and I believe that the process in total it was about 3 months because I had this small incident but everything went really fast and they helped me from the beginning with everything. I arrived to NY and after 1 week I started working, everything great when I arrived to the company, they were waiting for me they prepared a welcome package everyone helped me a lot and made me feel really comfortable It is like a family , everyone helps each other We help each other, we work a lot but we have a lot of fun I am supper happy very comfortable I am in a Real Estate company I am handling 35 buildings So that is Basically what we do Its a company with an important portfolio of buildings and each property manager handles a group of buildings So far I am really happy I have been 3 months in New York I am so glad about the decission I made I encourage you If you are doubting if going abroad and have an experience abroad , improve your english meeting new people, another culture do it because NY is very international and multicultural There is people from all over the world and in the end is everything so fast fast paced consumption is high, but there are so many things to do a lot of diversity and fun you get used to this rythm and in the end you end up being one more when I arrived, I needed some relax but now I am moving so fast and I am really happy I dont regret anything , so I encourage you dont doubt it so you finally make it its not so easy to leave home but you have to live the experience because its something I cant explain and I without any doubt I think is the best decission so just want to encourage you and thank you Spain Internship for helping me to get everything I always I wished and being able to live this experience

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