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Introducing aBARKment | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

So, now we’ve had the chance to
explore market segmentation. We’re going to advice into some
exercises, and we want you to be able to be involved, even if you don’t
have an idea of your own yet. So, Ronnie and I have some exciting
news we want to share with you. We decided to create Embarkment.>>Like many entrepreneurs,
our idea came passion and need. Lauren is obsessed with dogs.>>That’s very true.>>And I’m passionate about finding
good, safe, and fun place for my dog to stay while I travel for work.>>So, Ronnie needs reliable and
affordable place for a dog, and I need to spend more time with dogs,
because I can’t have my own right now. Plus, I could use the extra cash.>>We figured we were not alone in
how we felt and what we needed. So we decided to create Embarkmetn,
a safe home for your dog to stay in with people who are excited to spend time
with your dog while you’re away.>>So the idea is simple. You sign up for our app, as either a
sitter and tell us your availability and about the environment you’ll be
keeping the visiting dog in.>>Or, sign up as an owner, and tell us
what you’re looking for in a sitter and when you’ll be away. We will match you with the best sitter
for your dog at a reasonable price.>>So, we need to use market
segmentation to come up with a marketing plan.>>Obviously the first should
be sitters versus owners. But even within each of these, we have to understand who are the
different users and who to focus on.>>Why don’t you join our team and help us conduct a market
segmentation for Embarkment? You can start with one practice
of market segmentation and then try another until you have
a solid segmentation of the market.

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