Introducing D/M Summit – First data science & marketing virtual summit in Malaysia
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Introducing D/M Summit – First data science & marketing virtual summit in Malaysia

What’s the biggest event that is going to happen this year? Well, not by me telling you, but I’m going to show you what’s going to happen. Come on. So here we are in the studio And we have Dr. Lau *chats*Dr. Lau: So I’ve got something very exciting to announce today. And this is our latest project D/M Summit Data science and marketing virtual summit that is going to happen online, where people can log in to access to see all the speakers And who are we inviting for this virtual summit? Well for Data Science, I’ve been making calls to my good friends and also our alumnis who have made it to companies like Touch ‘n Go, Media Prima Digital, and also a lot more – you can find out from here. Now, what they are going to do is. Well, they’re data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts as well. So they will share their journey, on how they go from a total beginner with zero coding and data science background, to become a data scientist and data analyst. Not only that, they will share their real-world use cases from their specific industries, and also how they use data science techniques to tackle those problems. Like customer profiling, and also product recommendation, for example. Seems like a lot of stuff. For marketing, we have people from MindValley, Inmagine Group, Havas Group, PeoplExperience – all coming to share their marketing strategies, their tactics, what they have done in marketing, and in business as well. And to share this as bite-sized actionable insights and knowledge that you can take and use at your startup, your business or just to learn as an individual. So where do they get tickets, Dr. Lau? Now to get tickets, they need to log on to and they can get their all-access pass. What do they get when they purchase the all-access pass? When you purchase the all-access pass, you’ll get access to all the speakers, all their keynotes, workshops the video recordings, a lifetime access to networking opportunities and also all the presentation slides for download. Networking opportunities, meaning that they get to interact with all the participants and also the speakers as well. Alright, alright. So sign up and get your tickets today from and I’ll see at the conference. Well see you there!

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