Introducing Yunus Social Business
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Introducing Yunus Social Business

what's the difference between a social business and traditional business like a charity a social business works to solve a social problem but like a business it's also financially sustainable because all profits are reinvested to help the business grow and benefit society what is the difference between a social investor and a traditional investor a traditional investor invests for his own benefit a social investor invests to benefit others at unis social business we help connect social investors with social businesses for a very special purpose to address the world's most pressing problems such as nutrition energy environment education and health we do this through social business incubator funds our local incubator teams search for and create social business opportunities to help communities in need by developing a social business plan providing real-world business training and opening doors to useful networks when these businesses become successful the social business pays back the initial investment so the same dollar can be recycled to help more social businesses same dollar new social business in Haiti we've invested in a bakery that produces fortified bread for the local community suffering from malnutrition this bakery has created a social impact at every stage of the value chain by generating demand for the local farmers creating local employment and most importantly producing affordable nutrients so that even the poorest citizens can live healthier lives Yunus social business is driven by enthusiastic international consulting finance and development professionals in countries like Haiti Albania Brazil Tunisia Togo and Germany and we're also expanding to other countries we are Yunus social business and we are passionate about developing business solutions to solve the world's greatest social problems you

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17 thoughts on “Introducing Yunus Social Business

  1. That's a great idea by mr. yunus. I saw a similar startup called vidribute. They share their profits with ngos. Look it up n support them on or on

  2. We like the support YunusSocialBusiness is providing in Colombia. We'd like to give free digital support to the great projects that are emerging in Colombia thanks to YSB and new entrepreneurs in Latinamerica. We are people from South and Central America and part of our vision is to share the goods things and projects people are working on (as a social entrepreneurs or family businesses)to better our communities. If there are any way we could extend YSB impact, please feel free to stay in touch. Hugs and blessings – Regards from Seattle.

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  5. Dear Nor Rofeah Abdullah Sani,
    Thank you very much for your comment! The three points sound very interesting. At this time however, we have no plans of going to Malaysia in the near future. You might be interested in contacting the Grameen Creative Lab which organizes the next Global Social Business Summit which will take place in Malaysia in November 2013. Let us now if you have any more questions!

  6. Am interested to apply & propose to YSB for the Programmes in Malaysia:
    (1) To inculcate younger generation for COACHING TO GREATNESS :
    Replacing the Scarcity Attitude to ABUNDANCE; Negative to POSITIVE
    (2) My Nepalese husband is having 50ppl working as Security Guards in factory & housing. He wanted to open Tandoori Restaurant cum a Hygienic Hostel : Food & Health
    (3) A single mum teaching ENGLISH PHONICS to kids n adults, came out with her own EASY JUMP START! : To Outreach

    [email protected]

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