Introduction to Modern Marketing Minute
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Introduction to Modern Marketing Minute

hey there Adam Erhart here and
welcome to episode 1 of modern marketing minute really excited to have you
joining me here and for the kickoff of this brand-new show which is all about
giving you the most action-packed and valuable insights that I possibly can in
as short a period as I can so modern marketing minute aims to deliver those
best strategies those best tactics and tools and tips things that I’m using in
my business things that I’m using in my clients businesses and things that I’m
seeing successful in my friends and colleagues businesses so that you can
learn them you can listen to them and then you can go and apply them in your
business for immediate results now this show is going to aim to have episodes
between the 1 and 3 minute mark so don’t really want to go much longer than that
if you’re looking for more in-depth content there are the companion shows
you can go look at including modern marketing podcasts and the modern
marketing show whether on iTunes stitcher or YouTube and those are going
to provide kind of that more in-depth and more detailed coverage but if you’re
looking for a quick hit of ideas of inspiration of insight of anything that
you’re going to be able to go out there and take and apply then modern marketing
minute is for you so I invite you to subscribe to the show looking forward to
getting to share all of these great insights with you and hearing about the
results that you have with them so keeping in the theme with modern
marketing minute I’ll sign off now and I’ll see you in the next episode you

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