Investi nel futuro dell’eCommerce, investi in Yakkyofy!
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Investi nel futuro dell’eCommerce, investi in Yakkyofy!

You will have at least once bought a product on the internet. Well, think that 33% of all the online purchases are sent in dropshipping. And we take care of that. It seems strange, but it is really all very simple. Marco has an online shop, Sara visits his shop and buys a pair of shoes. Marco sends the details of the order to his supplier and the supplier sends the shoes to Sara. This way Marco will be able to open a digital activity in only 24 h with an initial budget of around €500. He will not have to anticipate the money of the products nor will he have to manage a warehouse. The supplier will sell his products without having to worry about advertisement or customer care services which will be Marco’s responsibility. A real win – win situation that allows young entrepreneurs to open a digital activity from scratch and to reach 8 digit revenues thanks only to the passion, the power of social media and eCommerce. And here is where Yakkyofy comes in. We have created a software that allows all the dropshipping process to be managed automatically. Marco will only need 2 minutes to connect his shop to our platform. From that moment, the whole process of buying products and shipping orders will be automatic and Marco will be able to manage a shop even a very big one, without having partners or employees. Yakkyofy is connected to a huge database in continuous expansion with more than 6 million products. This allows us to offer Marco a wide range of products to sell. Today we have customers from all over the world and we send out goods from China to more than 100 different countries with shipping in 3 to 7 days to the Tier 1 countries. We can deliver a package to Italy in just 5 working days. As a business angel and a partner of Italian Angel for Growth, I am very interested in all the new startups and especially in those funded by the LVenture Group. I have invested in Yakkyofy because I appreciated their innovative solutions that will definitely revolutionize the world of eCommerce. If you have never heard of dropshipping, it’s normal. In fact, the end customer, the famous Sara, that receives the product at home doesn’t know the mechanism behind the delivery of her package. But this market is huge, amounting to 1000 billion dollars, and statistic foresees that at the end 2021 will reach $1600 billion dollars. This year we have invoiced over 2 millions euro Shipping 140.000 orders in 100 countries over the world. But improving our image recognition technology, today in the process of being patented, we are sure we can do even more. Thanks to a proprietary algorithm developed by our team, when a customer sends us the image of a product that he likes, our software recognizes this image, finds it in our supplier’s catalogs and automatically calculates a quote which includes the shipping costs. This technology to grow needs a more complex IT structure and our start-up, in order to reach the goal of 3000 customers by 2021, needs a bigger and more advanced warehouse and obviously marketing investments. Whoever you are, employee or entrepreneur, worker or investor, if you believe that eCommerce is the future, invest in us and you will have the unrepeatable opportunity to be part of the evolution of this incredible commercial sector. We are here on Mamacrowd precisely to ask for your help and support. Therefore, if you believe in our project, engage with us to take Yakkyofy to the next level. Send your participation

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