iPhone 11 (Product) Red Unboxing and First Impressions
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iPhone 11 (Product) Red Unboxing and First Impressions

and what’s up everyone it’s Dennis here
and today I’m gonna be unboxing the new iPhone 11 so stay tuned my iPhone 6s
I’ve had this since 2015 you know it started to have a lot of issues the
camera I stopped working so I couldn’t even take photos there’s a whole range
of problems already and that’s why I’ve decided to get the iPhone 11 now I’ve
got a limited budget so I didn’t want to buy the iPhone 11 Pro or the 11pro Mac’s
the bigger version so today I’m just gonna be unboxing this and do my you
know first impressions are now definitely gonna be providing a full
review you know within a week or so you know after playing around with this one
but now before we start if you’re new here make sure you click Subscribe and
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all right now I have to add the way let’s unbox this so I already know that
the iPhone 11 will be slightly bigger or quite a little lot bigger than my iPhone
success and it also comes with the two cameras obviously standard one and the
ultra wide camera I am opening up the box yeah oh wow look at this pretty
bright red okay this is definitely heavier it’s definitely heavier and
larger than my current phones you can see here it comes with two cameras okay
now before I turn this on just let’s see what’s inside the box are here designed
by Apple it comes with all the instructions kit in here product red
okay comes with some instruction manual comes with the what it called out with a
SIM card theme so say hello welcome to iPhone comes to face ID blah blah blah
instructions yeah comes with a charger it comes with the earpiece obviously
this is not the Jack one this is the one with the USB see I don’t have any
wireless or or the ear part but I’m actually tempted to buy the Apple
earpods Pro I think the one that came up but again it was all sold out as well
from day one see sorry charger and yeah what’s inside the box
so let me just park that all right let me just turn this on now and see how it
works I already backed up all my stuff and my
laptop so definitely gonna be migrating all my daughter or stuff or contact
details from this phone to this so right so it’s AC a quick start if you have an
iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later bring it near to sign in automatically
if you want you can set up oh setup needs wow it’s actually telling me to
set up the new phone position this image in the frame of your iPhone so I’m just
gonna finish it like that is it like that oh wait okay it’s not gonna work cuz my
camera is not working here so yeah I just have to authenticate manually
setting up your iPhone cool all right it’s connecting now this is pretty neat
I never had this before like in terms of migrating data by two phones right so
unable to activate all right that’s an epic fail though so I think I have to
connect this manually a few moments later I’m setting up my face ID how to
set up set up your face position your face in front of the camera move your
head slowly to complete the circle yeah app choose how you want to transfer your
apps and data to this phone store from Mac or PC
that’s probably what I’m gonna do yeah look I’m not gonna transfer it now I’m
just gonna try it out so there you go it’s set up now welcome
to iPhones slide up swipe swipe swipe up to get right there you have it looks
really good I’m trying to get used to without having the home button in here
because I’m so used to the home board obviously with the success oh just very
different in how it touch it testing out the new camera here a new camera capture
outside the frame new shutter button great blah blah blah see zoomed so you
see it is zoom in and then zooming out right so that’s one of the new features
here obviously if I change it around it’s gonna give me that same as well as
you see my face and then zoom in and zoom out see so that’s the beauty of the
dual camera in here obviously the screen size is really huge here the real estate
size is pretty big but this is just normal LCD this is not old LED which is
not too bad look I couldn’t care less really as long
as I can see it clearly I’m pretty happy with it but apparently this still does
show only 720p or not 1080p but look like I said I don’t really care I just
want an iPhone that’s simple enough to use and it’s within the budget range at
the battery life by selling point from the iPhone 10 are was its battery life
so it’s the same sort of configuration here as well also comes with a dual
camera and one camera from the XR so we’ll be
playing around with that one but er than that first impression I like the color
scheme you know get my first preference was the black but getting at the red
one’s not too bad as well plus I’m gonna be putting in a case anyways I
definitely have multiple colors like coral green white yellow blue and red I
just chose red because it’s done I stopped available and I really need a
new phone because again like said there’s some issues with it yeah this is
my first impressions look I am pretty happy with this so far so good I’ll be
creating a full review maybe a week or two after using the iPhone 11 fully
button that it handles well you know I always wanted to have a bigger screen
I’ve got that in here I’m not gonna be talking about all the specs about how
the camera work again I’ll drop the links down below so you can have a read
through but this is just how it looks like likes an unboxing and first
impressions of the iPhone 11 the red color ones you can see here so all right
guys I’m gonna charge you something to you know transfer all the data and also
putting the screen protector in the case so look that’s really it for me today
thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out with me if you enjoyed this
video remember to give it a like I really appreciate it and subscribe to my
channel for more videos alright that’s it I’ll see you in the
next one bye

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