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Don’t just aspire to make a living Aspire to make a difference Anything you want good you can have So claim it Work hard to get it When you get it reach back pull someone else up each one teach one Just because you’re doing a lot more Doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done don’t confuse Movement with progress So have dreams but Have goals life goals yearly goals monthly goals daily goals and Understand that to achieve these goals. You must apply discipline and consistency in order to achieve your goals, you must apply discipline and Consistency every day now just want to Zay and miss a few days. You have to work at it every day you have to plan Every day you’ve heard the saying we don’t plan to fail we fail to plan hard work works Working really some days. Of course, I’ll get tired some days. I will get beat up some days I will get knocked down and I will have some bad days but I Will not stop This isn’t punch the clock and go home for the day here. There’s no such thing as a weekend This is an everyday gig every day is a Monday And you might not like that Me, I love it To me every day is a beginning a new day a new week a new shot at life An Opportunity to come out of the gate like oh man possessed and attack the day without mercy Today, I’m putting the pressure on I am the aggressor. I am on the attack. You don’t get this far you don’t get to this point and just stop people that succeed Quit quitting when things get hard Any path you take to get where you want to be if that place is worthwhile to go. It’s gonna be hard struggle pain misery Frustration those are signs that you are on the right path Nobody that is where you want to be has gotten there Without these struggles without the pain and if you want to be something great You are gonna have to learn to accept the struggle as part of the recipe Every single day you need to look yourself in the mirror yourself To get what I want and if the answer is You’ll get there in time It’s lesser you take responsibility for that You make it happen that you don’t give up that you don’t take any objection or disappointment or defeat personally that you keep on keeping off that you decide that I can’t make it because you can’t see the light at the end of But you realize that the part of the program See long as you believe that you got a shot at 2/3 and here’s something you’ve got to in solved Look out I’ll come back and take the hinges off Issue That you’ve got to take personal Ability to make it happen. We can point out many things up to make it even veered off in smaller star but ultimately It’s you What’s stopping you aren’t you tired you’re good enough sleep Don’t have enough energy don’t have enough time. Is that what’s stopping you right now don’t have enough money that The thing Or is the thing that’s stopping you you Excuses sound best To the person that’s making above you stop feeling sorry for yourself Get off the pity party Telling everybody you’re sad and sob stories trying to get people to show up to your pity parties and your pity parades If you ever see me in a Rolls Royce Of six or seven star hotel living my life to the fullest. Don’t get jealous of me because I worked my ass off to get it Nobody handed me nothing Wake your ass up awaken the beast inside It’s game on It’s go season It’s time for you to take advantage of the access and the resources that you have in Your country in your community. You got a problem with your life You got a problem with your environment do something about it. If you want it go get it Recognize the excuses are not valid They’re conjured up they’re fabricated their lies Then how do you stop the lies you stop the lies with the truth that the truth is you have time You have the skill You have the knowledge and the support and the willpower and the discipline to get it done The fruit of everything good in life begins with the challenge everything is fulfilled that’s worth life and this it’s not going to come to you and it’s not going to fall in your lap and It’s not going to be something that oh my god. It just was so simple. It’s always going to be difficult This is your chance, this is your shot, this is your moment. This is your time. This is your place. This is your opportunity my time Tomorrow tomorrow to love and you know such thing as too long he only got today children And why you still got work to do Day on that basketball court stay on that It’s grinds Why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life The way that our minds are designed is our minds are designed to stop you at all costs from doing anything that might Hurt you There are so many people in the world and and you know you may be watching this right now and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation and That’s not true because the way that our minds are wired and The fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable Or scary or difficult our brains are designed to protect us from those things because our brains are trying to keep us alive and in order to change in order to build a business in order to be the best parent of a spouse to do all those things that you know you want to do with your Life with your work with your dreams, you’re gonna have to do things that are difficult Uncertain or scary which sets up this problem for all of us The one thing we have in this world is we can’t control the events But we can choose what to focus on we can choose what things mean and we can choose what to do Those three choices those three decisions really control our life You can always make a decision that’s always in your control staying with somebody that treats you like garbage is a decision it is Staying at a job that you hate is a decision Staying in the body that you are not proud of is a decision. Is it going to be Easy? No, it’s not gonna be easy to change. It’s simple. It’s your job to push yourself It’s not the smartest people who achieve success it’s the people who procrastinate less Make fewer excuses as they take actions every day Towards the goals that they want to achieve Indecision is the thief of opportunities Indecision means the door is still closed indecision means the opportunity witness Indecision means what could be is postponed or may never be? You

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