Is Kojima Productions Teasing a New Silent Hill? – IGN Now
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Is Kojima Productions Teasing a New Silent Hill? – IGN Now

Is Kojima Productions working on a new Silent Hill? A tweet from Kojima Productions Twitter account featuring head of communications Aki Saito may have possibly, maybe potentially hinted at a new Silent Hill game. The tweet featured Saito posing at his desk with the caption Sorry to be silent. Everyone, I’ve been really busy lately. I think I can say more soon about what we’re going to. And then it ends there. With some hashtags and a link to another Twitter post. It’s like you can use the hashtag. This finished tweet. So what’s in that tweet that’s getting the internet all riled up? Look at what he said. Sorry to be silent. As in SILENT HILL? It’s possible. The tweet also hinted at something Kojima Productions is working on. But the word ‘silent’ isn’t all. No. Look closer at this image. Zoom and enhance, if you will. Not his face or his clothes, or even the phone he’s talking on. Look at that pencil. Enhance. Enhance. Now, what does it say right at the end where the eraser is? It says pyramid. Pyramid is a brand of pencil, but this Silent Hill theory doesn’t work if we just leave it at that. So I posit that the word pyramid has to be referring to Pyramid Head. That’s right. The iconic villain from the Silent Hill franchise. You know the one, he’s pretty muscular due to the giant sword cleaver thing, whereas a aprin thing or the thing like butchers where to keep guts off of them. He’s got a pyramid head right to that thing. But let’s go back and look at that pencil for a sec, too. Because if you look at what he’s writing says ‘Next Week!’ on that note pad, could there be announcement of some kind of info dropping coming next week? Maybe not enough evidence for you. Well, last month, Hideo Kojima himself tweeted that he was already hard at work on the company’s next project following Death Stranding. Kojima also tweeted that he watched horror movies, specifically the Thai horror film The Eye when making P.T.. So it’s not a stretch to imagine that Kojima Productions’ next game might be in the horror genre. It totally could be. But there’s also a reason to believe this project won’t be a Silent Hill game. After Kojima and Silent Hill IP owner Konami had that falling out in a few years back, let’s call it. It’s unlikely that they’d hand that franchise back to him. Konami is also rumored to be working on some kind of soft reboot of the franchise itself. Kushima could run with the concepts presented in the Silent Hill Games and Peaty demo, but build a brand new IP from those pieces. So do you—the IGN viewers—think there’s anything to these tweets from Kojima Productions, or is the Internet reading into it a little too much? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you on the next IGN Now.

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34 thoughts on “Is Kojima Productions Teasing a New Silent Hill? – IGN Now

  1. The relationship between KONAMI and Kojima died together with Silent Hills PT. and never come back.

  2. Why do these guys look like Mike and Rich Evans from red letter if Mike and Rich were mellenials? Fucker even sounds like Rich Evans!!!

  3. I love the idea of Silent Hills, but this is what a legit conspiracy theory looks like. This is next level 4chan detective skills.

  4. Wow this is like those conspiracy theorist looking for triangles everywhere and claiming satanism. 😆

  5. How? Konami owns the rights to it. There’s no way in Hell they’re gonna hand it over to Kojima. Not that they’re going to do anything with it.

  6. Wasn't kojima productions supposed to show what project they were working on this week hmmm i guess not considering the week is pretty much over

  7. I guess Kojima saw the Silent Hills project on Dreams and said "Wow, people really DO want that game". If this is true than O M G!!!!!!

  8. The hills in Death Stranding were literally silent. I thought from the beginning that Silent Hills might be revived.

  9. don't get me wrong I think we would all want to see silent hill back but please don't tell me those guys are not speculating this over a damn pencil

  10. Why is everyone talking about Kojima like he's saving the franchise?

    The reboot, which has been in production for nearly a year, is mostly the original Team Silent major players and has nothing to do with Kojima.

    "Silent Hills" is Kojima and is a separate game.

  11. I'm not against any great games from the PS1 era getting remakes. A lot of those games don't really age well, and are way over priced if u get the original copies. Crossing my fingers for this and a Dino crisses remake, maybe even an Ape escape and mega man legends

  12. Something is going on. Two weeks later we got word that Sony is trying to buy Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania. Usually when there's this much buzz about something, it's not just talk

  13. Oh I was worried but the projects “Silent Hills” is coming. Sony already purchased the title from Konami.

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