Is NOW really the right time to work on my marketing assets?
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Is NOW really the right time to work on my marketing assets?

hello everyone Nelly Berova here, this
is my first day working from home I know a lot of you will be settling in your
own spare bedrooms or home offices trying to do the best you can
I’ve already spoken with quite a lot of people this morning and I sense there’s
quite a lot of fear there’s a lot of panic people are not sure what is gonna
happen with their businesses they don’t know how long this epidemic is going to
last so yes it is a scary time for for many of us however the way I personally
see it is that there are two outcomes one, business owners can focus on the
time post this pandemic what is gonna happen and how is your business gonna
grow after we are out of our home offices and back in the real world and things
are back to normal how can you take advantage of this time right now yes it
will slow down perhaps you’re not gonna have so many jobs so much cash coming into the office into the business like you used to before but how can you
take advantage of that and grow your business and actually to become stronger
and better then then you have been in the past so that’s option number one and
option number two is you can absorb all this negativity and actually close your
business and get rid of your staff make lots of redundancies like we’ve already
heard businesses out there getting rid of a lot of their people good people are
hard to find if you can keep your staff use any government help that you can
keep them for as long as you possibly can because it will cost you a lot more
afterwards to recruit those people back and you have to find them because there
will be recruited fairly quickly from your competitors so if you choose to
focus on the negative on the fear and actually drive your business into into
the ground and close that’s your choice but it’s a choice in a way
in many cases of course if I’m talking mostly for businesses within property
service providers I feel really sorry for businesses within the tourism field
restaurants and such like I’m not referring to those those are very
different circumstances but estate and letting agents, suppliers to the
property sector you know debt consolidation pension providers those
are all businesses who are actually able to change certain things within their
businesses and survive this period and in fact take advantage of that and be
better and stronger afterwards so things will have to change you might have to
reduce some costs you might have to stop doing certain things even temporarily
that are not necessary in that moment in time but the one thing that is actually
crucial absolutely crucial that you need to continue doing is marketing. Marketing
is what’s going to make the difference between you being very successful once
this period is over and you just about surviving and the reason why is because
relationships take time to build if you start building relationships by adding
value by communicating by helping people right now and they really need you the
chances are that they will continue using your service after we go back to
our normal day-to-day life. So I will be putting together everyday different
videos on marketing related subjects that you can focus on while is you’re
working at home so that whilst trying to pull in some your business you’re
also working on your marketing assets it’s very very important that you
dedicate some of your time into improving your assets into creating new
marketing assets so you can be in a position to really go out there and grab
new business when the time is right and so what do I mean by this? The type
of assets that are really good to invest time and energy and perhaps some money but mostly time and energy are your website; great opportunity to review what pages you have what content you have on this website can you improve the
calls to action, are there any technical things that you can improve on the
website should you be getting a new website grab yourself a deal out there
because there are deals now is a great time to get stuff in for less money so
take that opportunity the second thing that you need to focus on easier SEO
organic ranking is something that will you will reap the benefits for months
and months to come invest some time now and get the enquiries a little bit later you’re still gonna monetize from it but SEO takes time if you haven’t invested in SEO or if you have but you haven’t done a very
good job up your game now, now is the time to really do a very good job start
ranking for local phrases start ranking for questions that your ideal clients
are asking start answering those questions make sure that people find you
and of course from there on you can progress the journey. Ensure that you
look at your reach how do you reach your potential customers to use email
marketing do you use Facebook Ads or other social channels what messages are
you putting out there so now is it time to review the messages don’t go out with
the same messages you’ve been using over the past three or six months because
they’re not relevant so messages need to be updated create assets that are
relevant for the market now and going forward because we will be you know in a
slightly different market place for the next at least three to six months so
ensure that that you are in touch with what’s going on and your marketing
assets are relevant for the market and the market demand you know start with
value give a lot of value your what are your home vendors looking for what are
the fears of the landlords what are the fears of the tenants
how can you help in this situation of course you know if you’re an estate
or letting agent you can perform viewings or valuations online you can use video
technology has progressed massively that we don’t always have to do things
face to face there’s a lot that can be done online so let’s not just stop and
say right I can’t do them therefore I’m gonna freeze my business now there’s so
much she can do so use this time wisely because the people that actually do well
are the ones that invest in their marketing and their marketing assets now and do not stop selling so watch this space I will be posting more over the
coming days and weeks and that will be free content that you can use and
hopefully you’ll benefit and you’ll be able to invest into your marketing
assets and that’s you know that’s my message for a bit more positiveness going forward and hopefully, I really hope that we all go through this and
please stay at home ensure that NHS is able to cope and you know reduce
social contact as much as you possibly can we can use things like Zoom, Skype,
video recordings all kinds of different things to stay connected but yes let’s
invest into creation of marketing assets so that when this is over we are much
stronger so hopefully this has been beneficial, I’ll see you tomorrow bye bye

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