Is This The Best Marketing Strategy Of All Time? (Traditional + Digital)
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Is This The Best Marketing Strategy Of All Time? (Traditional + Digital)

in today’s episode I’m going to share
with you one of the best digital marketing strategies available today a
secret strategy that very few even know about and even less are using and the
beauty of this strategy is it isn’t going away anytime soon so you can learn
it today and you’ll have it in your tool kit for the rest of your business life
so let’s dive right into it hey there my name is Adam Earhart
marketing agency owner online advertising consultant and modern
marketing strategist and welcome to the modern marketing show where we help you
grow your business by making way better marketing so if you’re interested in
learning the latest and greatest marketing strategies tools tips tricks
and tactics well you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that
notification bell alright so let’s talk digital marketing strategy specifically
one of the best digital marketing strategies available today
like I mentioned very few even know about and even less are using a strategy
that’s going to allow you to increase customer touch points become omnipresent
and essentially be seen everywhere and at the end of the day put more profit in
your pocket it sounds like a song hook and like I mentioned at the beginning
this strategy isn’t going away anytime soon which means it’s going to be just
as relevant in the next three years five years maybe even ten years so by
learning it here today you’re going to be able to apply it across all areas of
your business and your marketing for a long time to come
I can almost hear you asking what is this magical marketing mister you speak
of Adam and the answer to that my friend is Oh – OH – OH
or online to offline to online or the reverse of that offline to online to
offline now if you’ve heard of this strategy before make sure to leave me a
yes in the comments below and if this is totally new to you then leave me a note
in the comments below but knowing what this strategy is and how to actually go
out there and deploy it in your business are two completely different things so
let me give you some context behind the strategy and then a sample of what this
might look like and how you can apply it today now the first thing you want to
understand why this is such a valuable strategy is that it’s going to enable
you to easily increase customer touch points now the statistics vary depending
on what market or business or industry or even what price of the product or
service you’re selling is but on average customers are going to need between six
and twelve different touch points or interactions with the business before
they actually go out there and make a purchase also we as humans and as
consumers have been trained to associate frequency with trust meaning that the
more times you can show up in front of your ideal customers with your brand and
your message and your product and your service well the more likely they are to
trust you and when they trust you the more likely they are to buy from you
there’s another factor at play here as well which has to do with our brains
limited ability to only hold kind of one name or one brand in mind for a certain
product category for example if we think of say breakfast cereals most people
might probably naturally say something like Kellogg’s
if we think of fast-food places McDonald’s was probably gonna gravitate
to the forefront to your mind if we think of soft drinks probably coca-cola
laundry detergent maybe Tide you get the picture now of course you’re
gonna be able to think of other brands and other products just like these and
maybe even list them out but the reality is is there’s probably one name or one
brand that pops to the forefront of your mind very quickly and and first if not
the only one and the reality is is that you want your brand and your product and
your business to hold that incredibly valuable real estate in the minds of
your consumers and one of the best ways to have your brand or your business
become synonymous with the Couture industry you’re in is to
increase touch points that you become the most relevant and the most thought
of and the most present brand available the next reason that an O – o – o
strategy is so incredibly valuable it has to do with multi-channel marketing
and essentially what we want to be doing here is communicating with our customers
with our potential prospects and with anyone who’s likely to do business with
us well we want to be communicating with
them on their chosen channels the areas that they want to communicate with now
online is kind of a no-brainer and in fact with just a little bit of
demographic research you’ll quickly be able to determine which social media
platforms and which online sites are going to be the most relevant and the
most valuable for your business to be on in order to communicate with your market
but what many brands are missing especially those that communicate with
Millennials and younger generations is that direct mail and sort of hardcopy
print is still an incredibly viable strategy to reach a younger demographic
in fact studies have shown that Millennials still really enjoy receiving
direct mail in the actual physical mail box so could be a useful strategy
especially when deployed in an OT o strategy sequence the other reason you
always want to be thinking of a multi-channel marketing strategy is that
essentially it limits or at least mitigate some of the risk involved with
being only on a singular platform for example Facebook could shut down your ad
account or YouTube could throttle the delivery of your videos or your emails
may not be able to be delivered to your market all of these could cripple a
business that only was using one single channel so mitigating risk by
diversifying your platforms is one thing but there’s another one entirely that
very few people talk about and that’s that some channels are actually more
valuable than other channels when it comes to a revenue per customer or
revenue per subscriber you see the higher the barrier to entry into a
channel well the more valuable that customer or lead or prospect becomes for
example it’s really easy to kind of click on an ad and enter your email
address to download a free lead magnet but it’s a lot more challenging to write
out your physical address and receive something in the mail which shows a
higher level of commitment and tends to indicate a higher value customer or
potential prospect there is no one-size-fits-all and one is definitely
not better than the others which is why you want to use them all in conjunction
and this is where that ohto – o strategy really shines
now the next reason that an o Toto strategy is so valuable and so important
is that customers have already been trained to kind
expect it and they’re already doing it with some of the larger businesses now
when it comes to online marketing and digital marketing there’s a lot of areas
that the big businesses and the mega corporations are really missing the boat
really leaving a lot of money on the table but there are some areas where
they’ve got it right from years and years of proper experience and using it
and deploying it and and essentially an o todo strategy is one area where they
actually kind of shine now for most of these they start as brick and mortar or
offline stores essentially you walk into a big retailer and you make a purchase
well one of the first things they’re going to do if they’re properly
implementing an O to odo strategy is they’re going to try to collect some of
your contact details to get you online most notably these come in the forms of
asking if you’d like an e-mailed copy of your receipt ingenious and essentially
it’s a way for them to start that online communication channel once they’ve got
you online well they may email you things like surveys or coupons or
discounts or promotions or things of that nature
all of which or normally are intended to drive you back to the store into that
offline channel so essentially what they’ve done is they’ve taken you from
offline to online and back to offline again and the cycle is going to continue
as long as they’ve got relevant offers to you and if you’re an online business
well the strategy applies just as well to you only we do it in the reverse
order we take someone from online we ship them something offline and then we
return them back online and again the cycle continues all right so now that
we’ve got the basics covered let’s go through a simple five-step Oh – OH – OH
– OH – OH so that you can see how this might apply to you and your business so
you can start to experiment with it and start to realize some of the rewards
that this strategy presents for starters just because it is by far the lowest
barrier to entry let’s start with an online offer so something we could do
here is offer some kind of free cheat sheet or blueprint or downloadable PDF
or lead magnet essentially we want something with a low barrier to entry so
we can collect that online name and really begin the customer journey that
way next we want to take this relationship offline so what we want to
do here is perhaps mail them a newsletter or a free plus shipping book
or if you’ve got a physical product we can mail them a trial or a sample size
or something of that nature basically what we want to do here is collect their
mailing address so we can get them something
in the mail alright so now that we’ve taken the relationship offline it’s time
to bring it back online and there’s a number of ways we can do this some free
ways include providing additional training or additional information on
the product or the service that we’ve just shipped them through the mail or we
can also perhaps move them back online in order to make a purchase this could
be paid information in the forms of a course or some training or consulting or
it could actually be another product that we’re going to ship them again in
the mail but we’re gonna take the delivery online all right so now that’s
all done and it’s time to take things back offline and essentially all of the
strategies that we talked about well they applied just as well at this stage
as they’re gonna continue on and on and on depending how long you want to take
this so for example we could ship them another physical product maybe something
more valuable or something that actually requires another purchase and then what
we could do is we could take content or information and package it up physically
and get that to them as well and in carrying on with our theme now that
they’re offline well it’s time to bring them back online and again all of the
examples apply here perhaps some additional content some
additional training additional videos whatever the case may be and on and on
and on the sequence goes essentially increasing touch points increasing the
omnipresent multi-channel effect and building trust and communication across
a variety of channels strengthens your business and mitigates risk all right so
the next step is to check out the two videos I have linked here the first is
17 guerrilla marketing tactics for entrepreneurs which is going to give you
even more creative ideas to effectively market your business and the second is
20 of my most proven and effective digital marketing strategies for small
business choose whichever one you find the most interesting and relevant to you
and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Nice video! Can you tell your audio gears that you use to record the video and later on which software you edit the final voiceover. You sound good as much you look great. ! 🙂

  2. So in your acronym, O stands for online and and O stands for offline. Personally, rather than an O to O to O strategy I prefer an O to O to O strategy. 🤣 Oh my.

  3. Thanks for the video Adam – I use very similar strategies in my physical businesses, actually. It's very helpful to have it laid out so clearly by you.

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