Island Creek Oysters: Create an Engaging Marketing Strategy
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Island Creek Oysters: Create an Engaging Marketing Strategy

>>Chris: You wouldn’t think of an oyster
company as an e-commerce business, but at Island Creek Oysters, we’ve seen
a lot of success selling oysters online. We didn’t start out that way, but after
ten years working with local chefs, we’ve opened the business
for online orders. The decision really helped us grow and cultivate our business
all over North America. Now that we’re able to
serve more customers than we ever thought
possible, we’re still growing.>>Bryan: E-commerce is the fastest
growing part of our business. It is the most profitable
part of our business. It is the easiest part
of our business to grow. You don’t need to hire sales reps to
fly out to California to sell oysters to somebody in California, because
you can reach them on Google AdWords, you can reach them on Facebook,
you can reach them on Instagram.>>Chris: So on our social media
channels, the strategy is always to provide fun content for people. We start with, what would
we want to watch when we log on to Instagram or Facebook or Twitter? So we try to capture as
much as we can of the zany or sometimes the serious things
that are happening here in the farm. Beyond that, we try to litter that with
the occasional sales pitch, you know. Ultimately, we are a business and as
much fun content as we can provide, we also want some of
those people to migrate from just a social media follower
into the customer category.>>Bryan: So one of the ways that
we’re able to convert people from just a Facebook follower
or, you know, a Twitter follower, to a customer is, you know, we
focus on these content based posts. It will be a picture of us at
the beach with some oysters, you know, maybe a few drinks. But what we’ll do is, we’ll
say, “Caption contest, like, who’s got the best caption? Because if you’ve got it, you know, we’re going to send you
a bag of oysters. It will be at your door tomorrow.” That’s a great way to kind of generate
activity on that post, you know, spread it around, almost
kind of make it go viral.>>Chris: We’ll say, “In order to qualify
for the contest, you have to share this with five of your friends, or
get two or three people to sign up for our email list” and that’s a way that it doesn’t necessarily translate
directly into sales immediately, but we build our kind of asset,
which is that email list.>>Bryan: One of the great
things we do to engage with our customers are our events. You know, we have an
oyster festival in Boston. We do the Nantucket Wine Festival. We partner with these other companies
that have a similar client base and it allows us to build relationships
not only with these businesses, but also with their customers, you know. They may have never had an oyster
before, but they love wine. They go to one of our wine and
oyster pairing events and then now, every time they go into a restaurant,
they’re ordering a dozen oysters. It allows us to have a good time
and also expand our customer base. That’s a way that you can interact with
customers that would never be possible without the internet, without social
media and without FedEx being able to send these boxes of
oysters out to everybody.

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