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It’s Your Time – Your Advantage

There’s an endless amount of people to meet, activities to do, and opportunities as far as academics go I’d love to have a job where I can travel abroad, and be able to use not only my experience through these majors at Penn State, but my study abroad experiences My friends went to New Zealand, Australia, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Ireland, London I actually would like to TA for a class, because you get more in depth with the actual subject Doing research really gets your feet wet The Schreyer’s Honor’s College offers a lot of great opportunities for students It can be a little rigorous, but the end result is great, and you graduate with honors People want to know that you have experience, so in my college we have someone designed specifically to get students internships, help them figure out what internships they need in order to get the job that they want eventually There’s definitely a lot of clubs to do whatever you’re going after If you’re looking to further your career, learn more about a certain industry, learn more about your major I got invovled with the Penn State Marketing Association Landscape Architecture Student Society It’s a great way to learn outside of school, and outside of reading a textbook

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