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Janice Working Long Hours Ad

– Do you have enough time in the day to do the things you need to do when you wanna do them, or are you working long hours and have a really long commute time, which leaves you little
time to do anything else? My husband had a job like that. He was working 10-hour days with a two-hour commute, Monday to Friday. He’d get home from work,
shower, have dinner, have time to relax for an hour
before he had to go to bed, and get up in the morning,
and do it all over again. He was making really good money, but the long commute and the long hours was really taking a toll, and ultimately, he started
getting health issues. We knew we had to find
another way to make money, hopefully, without a long commute and without physical labor. At the same time, my job was ending, and so we really had to find
something else quite quickly. I knew there had to be a better way, and one day while searching
online for working from home an ad popped up on YouTube from somebody from the global community of entrepreneurs that was talking about
creating an online business from scratch, step by step. She’s talked about all the
different ways there were to make money online. All you needed was a computer
and a Wi-Fi connection. We were given a series of videos from two of the best online entrepreneurs, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. We watched the videos, and yeah,
we were a little skeptical, but we thought we had nothing to lose. So we signed up, and
we’ve never looked back. It was the best decision
that we’ve ever made. We wanna give you the
same opportunity we had to change your life the
way ours was changed. So just click on the link,
somewhere around the screen, and we will send you the same videos that started us on our journey. Now you may be saying, “I’m too old,” or “I don’t have enough tech knowledge.” But the truth is you’re never too old to make a change to your life, and as for tech knowledge, we
found there is always somebody in the community who will help you out. Now building anything
does take time and effort, and this is no different. But the thing is, time moves on whether you make a change
in your life or not. So where will you be in
five years from today? Will you still be having a long commute, trading your time for money, or will you be enjoying
your life, helping others, and living life on your
schedule not somebody else’s? If you’re ready for a change,
then click on the link and sign up for the free videos. After all, every journey
starts with a first step. Why not take yours today? (upbeat music)

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