Japanese Snacks Box – Made My Own @ Mitsuwa Market Place
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Japanese Snacks Box – Made My Own @ Mitsuwa Market Place

– Today, I am testing out
nine different products that are made in Japan. Eight food items and
one skin care product. If this sounds interesting
to you, stick around. (electronic music) Hi everybody today I am
testing out Japanese products. I’m doing it because I’m kind of excited. It looks like I will be visiting Japan in about a year. I have another sister, a
channel called CreditFast where I talk about credit
cards and how to build credit and how to earn reward points. As it turns out, I earned
enough rewards to earn me a free round trip ticket to Japan, and that’s exactly where I want to go, but before I do that, I want to check out the different types of products that are out there right now. So this video is actually
really good for people that live primarily in the United States, but also different parts of the world. What I’m reviewing today are very common Japanese products, and you can find them pretty much all around the world. Two of these items actually just came from my local grocery store, but the other seven items
came from Mitsuwa Marketplace. The great thing about Mitsuwa Marketplace is that there’s multiple locations
across the United States. Stick around to the end of this
video if you’d like to know which of the nine
products I like the best. So these are the nine items
I will be reviewing today, so let’s get started. (bag crunching) The first one I’m extremely excited about. It’s these ume chips. Ume is a type of sour plum
that’s very popular in Japan. So they have made a
plum flavored ume chip. I’ve even heard that Doritos in Japan came out with an ume’s Dorito chip. So this is a pretty popular
idea for a chip in Japan and the reason I picked it
is that you’re not gonna find this anywhere else in the world. So that’s the point. If we’re gonna review
things made in Japan, we want to get the most
unique items possible. So this fits the bill. I’m really excited. I actually really like
sour foods, sour drinks, and I think I’ll like these. (bag crunching) Right now they just smell like
regular, plain potato chips. There is a very slight
pink tint to these chips and there’s little red
specks that are probably ume. They put sugar, ume, and
vinegar extract powder. So these chips should be slightly sweet. (chip crunching) Sweet and a little sour. Real ume would really, really be sour and these are not extremely sour. I love this. Like I would buy these again. I love food that has
complicated things going on so you’ve got a sweet and a sour going on at the same time. Really good guys. Gotta get on to the next one. So my next snack is a company
most people know about and that they associate with Japan and that is Pocky. And Pocky is a cookie stick and then it is dipped in
some kind of awesome flavor and I decided to really live it up and I am doing the almond crush Pocky. So I am thinking that this
is a vanilla cookie stick dipped in with chocolate and almond. So this sounds really great. (box opening) They come in two packages (plastic crinkling)
(box dropping) I’m excited. This is my first Pocky. Mmm, smells good. Smells like good chocolate. (crunching) (laughs) Really good. So far I’m really spot on with my picks. This is exactly what I
thought this was gonna be like and exactly what I
wanted to buy for myself so definitely I’m sure most
of the Pocky flavors are great but if you have a chance
to buy this one I would. (plastic crinkling) The next one I’m a
little bit confused about because it has some English on it, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. At Mitsuwa, they had a lot
of products from this company but I’m a little confused
because the company name is Bourbon, so I don’t know
if that’s a themed thing where everything has
a bourbon taste to it. Probably not. At least with these cookies
I’ll find out if it has a bourbon taste to it. That wasn’t the thing
that really confused me. It’s what they have written in English and it says Bourbon Whiterollita. So Whiterollita, so I mean, I’ve never heard of a phrasing like that and I don’t know what
Whiterollita is supposed to mean. I don’t know. Let’s find out. (plastic crunching) Find out if I got white
chocolate bourbon cookies. Which trust me there’d
be no complaints here. Nice thing about this is their
nice individually wrapped, so this is something you can
leave on your coffee table. It has a, I think I’m
smelling white chocolate here. So let’s see. (crunching) This is a completely white cookie. The inside is white. No bourbon taste. I don’t know what I could
really compare this to. I can’t really think of
any kind of equivalent. But I still think that this
would be nice to offer guests. Pretty good, especially if
you like white chocolate. I don’t even know how
you would pronounce this. I doubt it’s Puchoa, but I picked this because it’s really weird looking. It’s a soft gummy candy. Soft gummy candy, but it’s
got a little sphere to it. This comes individually
wrapped in silver paper. (paper crinkling) Doesn’t look like the picture at all. It completely does not
look like the picture because I mean it does
not look like the picture. I even have a photograph right up here that shows you in more detail of what is in the advertised picture. So it’s like a candy
that’s basically off white with some kind of center coating which isn’t exactly grape. It’s almost more raspberry color. If this is good. (crunching) Oh, it’s kinda hard. Hmm. What it lacks in appearance,
it really makes up in taste. It smells like a piece of grape gum, but when you bite into it, the grape flavor is different than the grape flavors I grew up with. Grape was really popular
when I was a little kid. That was the flavor that
you usually went for. I’d probably buy this again too. If you see this in your grocery store because I found this at Mitsuwa, but this was actually
bought at my grocery store. This was one of the two items
I got from my grocery store. If you see it in your grocery store, you need to pick this one up. But the lead in to my next item is that they actually had something I wasn’t familiar with. They had a flavor of this
candy in a Japanese soda that I’ve never heard of
at least to that point and I almost bought that one but instead I decided
I’d get the grape flavor and then buy the actual
Japanese soda and test that out. That’s where we come to Ramune. Ramune is a really popular soda. Ramune was actually
available for sale in Japan before Coca Cola. And many people love
drinking this soda today. And there’s actually about 30
different flavors of Ramune and some of them are very,
very, very, very strange. They will have normal flavors
like strawberry and mango, but then they get really, really odd. You can find some really out there flavors like kimchi and squid ink. Actually the original
flavor is a lemon flavor. So there’s a very interesting
way that you open this up. I’ve been shaking this
bottle a little too much so I’m probably gonna have a problem but i’ going to demonstrate how you’re supposed to open this. I’ve never done it before, so this will be the first time on camera. So let’s hope that I do
not make a callosal mess. I have one of my chairs set up here because I need a flat surface (bag crunching) especially if it’s my first time. I’m not a pro. So I’m gonna set up the scene. Oh, before I do that,
it’s almost like I got Ramune nail polish, but
actually I’m reviewing a nail polish brand coming up soon. It’s from Bontime. This is actually a peelable nail polish. They say it lasts for four days. This is four days right now. This is the third time I’m
wearing this nail polish. The two other times, I was able to get seven plus days of wear. I’m really happy with
how long this is lasting. If you’re interested in knowing more, if you’re the type that wears nail polish, that link will be in the description. So let’s get on to opening
of the Ramune bottle. Let’s open this guy, and look, it’s like he’s got eyes right here. What makes Ramune the most
interesting soda in the world is that there is a little
glass marble in every bottle of Ramune. And you can see it’s right here. But you need to push that marble down and you do that buy separating this piece and you press down. And push down. (popping) Okay. Alright. I did it right. I just snapped it over. The funny thing with my demonstration is that I thought I was going to get it to fizz all over the place. I didn’t think I was actually
going to knock it over. As you can see there is
a little glass marble rolling around and this
is what makes Ramune the most interesting soda in the world. You have found out what
my friends and family have known about me for years. I’m utterly and shockingly clumsy. See? (laughing) Let’s toast to that. (glass clinking) It does not taste like Sprite. It kind of has a interesting
cool taste to it. I’d be really happy to
try different flavors of Ramune, just not the
kimchi or squid ink. I don’t wanna be selfish. I’ll leave those flavors
for other people to try. I will put this aside now
because I will be testing another soda. I can use this little green cap, but it doesn’t really seal the soda, so keep that in mind. It’ll just help prevent
it from going flat sooner. The next soda I decided to get something that’s not very typical
in the United States. And this is a mango soda. I hope it tastes like those
Clearly Canadian drinks that we used to always have. In 1997, I was in Canada and they were clearly
crazy for Clearly Canadian. I even got salt and pepper shakers. I’m going to see if this can
replace Clearly Canadian. And they have other flavors too. They have other flavors than mango, so I can try those as well. So let’s see how this mango soda tastes. (bottle opening) It comes in a glass bottle. I love drinks in a glass bottle. Ramune was also a glass bottle. Probably knew that. This has a very strong mango smell. Pretty good. It’s like we’re on the
Clearly Canadian avenue here. I don’t know if Clearly
Canadian ever had mango. I think they do it a little bit different. This kind of tastes like a peach mango. But this is very tasty, very refreshing. I could see myself buying a
few bottles for the Summertime. One thing Japan is really known for is their beauty items. Skin care and cosmetics. So this is my first time
to try something from Japan and I’m really excited. I am trying this spray
moisturizing lotion. It’s more like a toner, and
it is very highly rated. (plastic crinkling) It was rated number one in 2017. Everything is in Japanese,
but the bottom right here it says koi seed extract,
a secret ingredient that moisturizes your face and body for smooth and beautiful skin. So this gives you a basic idea what this product is all about. (product spraying) I mean they’re not kidding. It does feel very moisturizing. Sometimes it’s just nice
to have something light and not something so strong. And I did get some of this in my eye but it’s not stinging. So it’s very mild, which is good. I think this is definitely
worth giving a try. The next thing I’m going to
test out is this hard candy. It’s actually five different
peach flavored hard candies, so I don’t know, I found
this really interesting. I bought it ’cause I loved the packaging. I thought it was very pretty. And then the question is do you really need five different flavors of peach hard candy? So this is the story with the peach candy. I have had over half of this bag and I did it because I wanted to tell you which of the five peach
candies are the best tasting, and what I’ve come to a conclusion of, it really doesn’t matter. It basically tastes like peach. Every single one you try you’ll say this tastes like peach. The difference is so subtle, so slight. I don’t think I want
to have any peach candy for the rest of the year. These are all very good tasting. This is probably something
that’s really good to go on your coffee table. This is where the rest of these are going. So to answer the question I asked before, no, no, no, absolutely not, you do not need five different
flavors of peach candy. The next item I’m gonna show
you really, really, really perplexed me, and this is something I know all about and I was shocked to see in a Japanese store. (plastic crinkling) And that is baumkuchen. I am half German and I
have family in Germany, so I’m familiar with this cake. It is basically, baumkuchen is translated to tree cake. It’s called tree cake ’cause it looks like tree rings. Basically how they make baumkuchen is it’s rotisserie cake. They take a metal rod,
they dip it in cake batter, and then the bake the thin layer, then dip more cake batter, and bake that layer. They keep repeating that process until it starts looking like a tree trunk. And I was really curious on why I kept seeing it in a Japanese store. I saw it at Mitsuwa about
five different times. Because I know this is a German thing and what is a German thing
doing in a Japanese store. So as it turns out, I am not a historian here. I used friendly Wikipedia. Baumkuchen is one of the most
popular pastries in Japan where it is called bāmukūhen. It is a popular return present in Japan for wedding guests because
of it’s typical ring shape. Basically this is why it came to Japan. It was first introduced
to Japan by the German Karl Joseph Wilhelm Juccheim. Juccheim was in the
Chinese city of Tsingtao during World War I when Britain and Japan laid siege to Tsingtao. He and his wife were
then interned at Okinawa. Juccheim started baking and selling the traditional confection
at a German exhibition in Hiroshima in 1919. After the war, he chose
to remain in Japan. So you’re probably thinking to yourself, okay, again, this is still a German cake whether it’s made in Japan or not. But the interesting thing I saw at Mitsuwa is that they have a Matcha Baumkuchen. I haven’t reviewed anything on matcha yet, and I like that this item has something that I have familiarity
with my own culture. So let’s give this one a shot. Okay, this thing looks really weird. This is Japanese slash
German matcha baumkuchen. (silverware clinking) Looks good so far. (chewing) Very interesting. I’ve only had baumkuchen a few times, two or three times, so I’m not an expert of exactly how it should taste. But this is pretty good. This is very interesting, and I like cake. Thumbs up on this too. This doesn’t appear to
be too sweet either, so this is pretty good. So what I like the best, pretty much I did not waste my money. Everything was pretty good. I couldn’t really narrow it down to one thing I liked absolutely the best, but I narrowed it down to three items. I liked the plum chips, the grape candy, finally I picked Ramune soda even though I had technical difficulties, the soda tasted pleasant
and I love their concept. So thank you for joining me today. I’m gonna be doing more videos like this. Different tasting things
from different countries. If you like these type of videos, you definitely should
subscribe to this channel. I told you before that I am half German, so I will be doing a German food tasting. I’m actually gonna call
it weird German snacks because it’s hard to really source authentic German snacks
in the United States now. And I am also half
Polish and I have bought loads of Polish snacks. Now where there isn’t a lot
of German stores anymore because the immigrants, there
aren’t that many anymore, there are a ton of Polish
immigrants where I live. So I have access to these stores and I have every possible
conceivable type of Polish snack. Thank you for watching my video today. Definitely if you want to see more videos on different snacks from
all around the world, you need to hit that subscribe button and the bell notification. Thank you again, so much, for watching. Take care.

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  1. Nice review.
    and 12:52 is lol.

    Baumkuchen(バウムクーヘン) is Popular confection in Japan.
    It has been popular with Japanese since before World War II.
    It was introduced to Japan in 1919 by German confectioner Karl Joseph Wilhelm Juchheim.
    It is almost 100 years ago.
    (and Juchheim(ユーハイム) Co., Ltd.(Confectionary company) is continues to run today.in Japan.

    and ya,How to make Baumkuchen is well known to Japanese. (It will bake while putting batter on the metal rod)

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