Japanese Street Food Market Tour Top 7 Must Eat at Ameyoko |  Ameya Yokocho Tokyo Food Guide
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Japanese Street Food Market Tour Top 7 Must Eat at Ameyoko | Ameya Yokocho Tokyo Food Guide

in this video I’m gonna show you guys my top food at ameyoko so I’m a yoko is known as one of the popular food spots here in tokyo what you guys might be surprised is that it has a lot of foreign and ethnic food shops which we’re gonna go deep into by that you might find some japanese food shops but he’ll also find a lot of Chinese shops Korean shops in this area oh and one thing if you guys want to see what I’m doing on a regular basis throughout the week or what I’m actually filming these videos check out my Instagram account oh and before you start if you like my Japan hoodie check out my merch I’ll leave a link below it’s super cold outside today so I’m gonna put on my jacket again it’s a cold anyways let’s go amia yokocho AKA i’m a vehicle as locals call it here’s a vibrant open-air street market crammed with shops you’ll see a fresh seafood shop next to a discounted bag store and next to that you’ll find a delicious Chinese food song yeah it’s quite a unique and beautiful mix of randomness it runs underneath the jr train track of a win oh and Okajima tea station from either station it’s only a few minutes walk I filmed this video on a weekday so it looks a bit empty which is perfectly fine with me but I’m a yokel is usually packed on the weekend so I recommend going on the weekday mornings when shops are just opening to avoid the crowds but let me know if you’ve been here on the weekend and what your experience was like alright let’s get the party started with my favorite Chinese shop number one Oden at coochie-coochie-coo yeah all right so we’re right at the entrance and one of the shops were going to visit right now is a Chinese shop in fact there’s a lot of Chinese shops on the street you might be kind of surprised that’s what makes this place is so cool this Chinese shop right now has one of my favorite Odense so we’re gonna go in and have some Chinese okay let’s go inside after handing them the plate of audience sticks you selected they cook the ingredients in a metal hot pot with a spicy broth I’m loving how I can already smell the flavors of the Oden from our table so this place has an Odin but it’s like a Chinese on it you can see the Sheep itself isn’t very very spicy water red oils anise it’s very flavorful basically it has that the strong meat sense but I asked him like what’s actually in here but they said at this you could broth eater so you don’t really know but it tastes pretty good this is a karaage the first thing is you get that pink of this spiciness or the broth itself and I kiss the back of your throat it’s like really crunchy it almost sounds like a slimy taste to it there’s a really nice texture hmm that is just so good but this is tripe it’s just like a beef stomach lining in its failure you don’t see a lot of it again in Japan and flat since it’s like a Chinese restaurant then you see tripe well I love how it just soaks up the flavor of the spicy broth and itself like the picture a little bit more chewy it has kind of like a soft texture to it you almost also get like a meaty texture you see like it has like a base layer of like meat and then it has kind of like a flowery skin almost on the outside that’s actually pretty good so this is like the super recommended fish dango which is like a fish cake and just like took it into the bra [Music] you’d definitely taste the fish in this but almost like they’ve taken a can of tuna and mash it all up and put it in a ball but definitely good with the broth and the more you eat it like you can just taste like it has this this sweetness about it I just love the flavors it’s like this really pops out especially like mixed in with the broth this is the heavier Dongo and that means it has that like pieces of shrimp in there nice texture is very very similar to the fish cake but you have the shrimp flavor I just love this stuff overall it’s very much like hotpot if you ever had a Chinese hot pot is it very very similar and super delicious number two showed on Dumbo at Taiwan pump out alright let’s go and get some Taiwanese dumplings Taiwan Tumbo is a Japanese franchise from post and from Osaka area and it opened quite recently unlike the other Chinese restaurants this spot keeps it simple and focused which may be a relief for first-timers they do offer of a variety of should on dump out on their menu but I think just starting off with their most popular item that Taiwan’s our own tempo so this is kind of like a dumpling with a pork inside thing I loved about it is when you eat it and you break it open it still has the juices inside and like that’s the best part when you eat it you use one of these spoons and you put it on just like this looking bad and put some little bit of vinegar some soy sauce and then I’ve also put some hot spicy sauce on there that’s insanely good doesn’t love the texture of this thing what’s interesting is like there’s not a lot of juices like I’ve had before but like the umami flavors are so strong and in fact it’s a little bit sweet which is nice and the skin itself it’s kind of like sticky once there’s a nice like a steamy hot dumpling on a cold day like this is perfectly number three fresh seafood at fukusa there are many seafood merchants in America and who’ll kusa is one of the few merchants where you can enjoy their food and sake right on the spot check out this crab succulent pieces of crab then had some green onions on top freshly steamed this is like quite a bit of crab and it’s nice like for having it in alcohol let me just get this piece right there hopefully I don’t drop it cuz that would be such a shame oh yeah look at that piece right there I’m like how it’s like just so easy to take off the shell you days like it’s been flavored a little bit but it’s still like fresh I like the texture it’s a bit chewy it’s super cold though so so don’t be surprised if it’s cold like this is how like it’s prepared alright so let’s get it from like the fist of the the legs just like grab some of that look at that look at all that crab look at all that crab that’s amazing what’s nice about this is feel like it’s been marinated a little bit or it has some flavor to it it’s but almost tastes like they’ve taken out the crab marinated it and then put it back in like its rightful location because just like comes out so easily or they just put some sauce on it but the show but one of the nice things about the shop even though I’m not doing it is you’re gonna have suck it while you’re eating fresh fish like crab oysters Unni I just love how there’s such big pieces of crab there look at that what a wonderful day we do believe difficult as you can see from my fire number four yeah Keyshia don’t bow and this shop makes the best young Keyshia don’t bow but it doesn’t have a store name at least from what I can tell it’s right next to kusa so it’s not hard to find just no sign but who needs one right that would make too much sense so what’s funny is we’re ordering at this store as a young Keisha don’t bow but this is the same kitchen as the one over there all right so this is yucky so don’t foul it hi this before in other videos but it’s so good definitely had to show you guys in Chinese there’s a different name but in Japanese everyone calls it yet each little bow yucky means I pan-fried and then she dumped ours I can just the idea there’s a meat inside of a dumpling but this is like it’s pan-fried that’s why they call it yucky – don’t bow I love just how there’s all the juices that are inside of this thing and it just like explodes with flavor mmm so good like I love how the bottom layer is really super crunchy kind of hard and stiff and it gives it a nice texture when it mixes with a soft and juicy meat I believe it’s a pork and it has some onions in there it’s kind of a little bit sweet it has some sesame seeds on top and just love like the crunchy flavor of the pan-fried miss it gives it kind of like a I got snick you know almost like you’re eating a snack like a nice juicy meat pocket snack with all that soup at the bottom wow that’s so sweet and delicious it’s sweeter than you would think I love it oh really crispy mommy is it oh I remember the skin a really sexy crispy the meat dude one more up from that it’s good number five Korean hot dog at Hadid um all right so this is our second round of the cheese dog you’ve had it before but today we’re gonna go to a different shop what are the nice things about this place is they make it really fast other places they take quite a bit of time but this one will get you your cheese dog lickety-split alright let’s go check it out Arirang is one of the most popular Korean hot dog shops in shin-okubo Koreatown and they’ve also set up a few shops in I’m a Yoko they have all sorts of toppings cheese mustard honey mustard cheddar cheese garlic powder honey butter and even cheese powder so we got another cheese dog if you saw my other video from shin-okubo k-town we got the cheese dog but this son I’m doing it a little bit different before I got the sugar all around which I didn’t like so much so this time I got no sugar and also inside we got cheddar cheese and mozzarella and before we just got mozzarella fact this place that we just went to they just do the mozzarella and the cheddar cheese with a regular crust but I asked if I can get the potato and looking I got the potato on the outside so I got this custom so you won’t see this on the menu but maybe if you guys ask nicely they’ll have it some garlic powder seasoning Oh trains kind of loud so one thing on the OCO the street runs parallel to the train station so you were going to get a lot of trains here you can kind of almost see like the crusty parts and bits let me take a first bite Wow the hat is amazingly good I’m so happy we just put the ketchup and the honey mustard and then the cheese is so deliciously cheesy the potatoes is identified someone’s like having like loaded potato fries oh it’s so good I’m actually liking the cheddar cheese and mozzarella mix better than just the mozzarella and the garlic powder that I’ve added on this on top is really nice number six takoyaki and minatoya this seafood rice bowl shop has a takoyaki stand just to the side of it I’m not a big fan of seafood bowls in America in general but their takoyaki is a giant ball of gooey love you know I love sauces but this place you get to as much sauce as you want so we’re gonna go crazy on the sauce today first of all special sauce look at that extra extra sweet and some mayonnaise oh no T seaweed and bonito flakes to finish it off all right all right takoyaki this is my takoyaki spot here in a Mayo ko you can’t see it because I buried these things the toppings this place has one of the biggest takoyaki balls I’ve ever had and relatively inexpensive for for taco balls it’s only 200 yen which is like a miracle deal for like people that really just want to try out what it tastes like or if you’re hungry you can get eight balls for a 400 yen so pretty good look at that loveliness you can still see the steam billowing from there naughty mayonnaise bonito flake loveliness Oh hmm that is such a gooey surprise in there that’s so delicious and I don’t know what it is this takoyaki has a different flavor than a lot of the Tucker’s I’ve had and has that this unique gooey like richness to it I love it let’s meet her like it does have interesting flavor I think absolutely tour today the you that unique flavor beautiful and the octopus is really meaty really me number seven menchi-katsu at neko no o yama it’s basically a sanding bar and they have all sorts of fried goodness but what sets this star apart from the others is that it’s owned by a meat wholesale company so you know you’re getting the best quality for the price all right look at how big this is this is a Minji is made out of Wagyu so this like fried Beast has a Wagyu beef inside let’s just open this up and let me show you oh it’s just so oily with goodness look at that loveliness it’s like blowing in my face all right let’s taste this this is amazing so crunchy but this one has a nice mixture of just like a slight oiliness from the fried bits of the outside but then meat and so it’s really nice and tender you have some like oil in there that’s really good wow I love this meat you can see all of the onions you know it’s like a hint of sweetness but it’s not too sweet this one is actually the special Wagyu beef whereas they have another one that’s a little bit cheaper it’s 200 it’s like a different kind of meat so if you guys come here I recommend you just pay the extra 200 yen and get the loggia cos it’s really good this is definitely the spot to come to and it’s like my favorites but I think plus I also got like a beer here that is so good being here was like a little over 200 yen it’s like 2 bucks is like so cheap and it’s funny because it’s mostly all like Japanese locals you don’t see a lot of like foreigners or like travelers here it was like a lot of just like locals hanging out in this spot thank you on my yoga for this treasured dessert I feel like it’s a dessert because it’s just so good alright that concludes in my top spot that I’m a Yoko what do you guys think do you want to see more videos like this let me know in the comments and don’t forget to check out my Japan merch also don’t forget to check out my Instagram account finally if you want to see more of my Tokyo cards or Japan guides I released a video every Saturday and now sometimes Wednesday hit that subscribe button Ndebele button and i’ll catch you guys in the next one

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